Author Topic: Does paleo only work because you feel less hungry so you eat less calories?  (Read 2060 times)

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It seems that a lot of people who are losing weight on the paleo diet are also consuming very little food.

So, I ask : Does it only work because it makes you feel less hungry and therefore you eat less calories ?

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That's part of it, but it's not all of it, at least for men.  Carbohydrates elicit the strongest insulin response, and in men at least, fat elicits no insulin response, so because of the low carb nature of the paleo diet, insulin levels are lower and fewer calories are stored as fat as compared to those burned for energy.

For women, it's less clear, as I've seen one article saying that fat elicits an insulin response, albeit weak.

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From my experience, paleo works because it gets your hunger mechanism to work properly (you feel full at the right time). With certain processed foods there's a delayed response or maybe a person can override the hunger mechanism with these foods because they taste so good.

But basically I agree that paleo helps get a person to their natural weight because of its effect on hunger.