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Noob issues and questions
« on: January 13, 2016, 07:30:40 AM »

This is gonna be a tad winded but I need some help/advise.

Last week on Friday, I watched the movie "The Perfect Human Diet"...the logic sounded good  and I decided I would give it a go starting Saturday morning.  In the AM I got on the scale....I am a big boy.

START WEIGHT  325.7 lbs

I did good with the diet over the weekend....on Monday, I forgot to take my lunch to work. I had to eat what we had so I had a VERY small amount of Red Beans and Rice....

Tuesday I got on the Scale.


1.) Is it normal to that much of a drop that fast?!  Am I hurting my self?  :-\

2.) There seems to be conflicting information.  After I watched the movie, I bough the book to the movie bu C.J. Hunt.   I then bought the book "PALEO for Beginners".  Hunt says NO tubers, NO potato Including Sweet Potatoes.  But the 2nd book seems to allow this and even offers recipes.  So what is correct here?

3.) Salt -  So it sounds as though salt is bad.  I cant do with out this..... at least for now.  The books say we can eat green olives...there is a but load of salt in there... so why are they allowed?

4.) Sausage - This aint going to happen for me.  I cant and wont give up some of the meats I make/eat.  I am wondering if the reason for this being on the no list is more because of commercial business adding chemicals?  IF this is the case, Is it ok that I cut my own pork, grind it up and stuff my own sausages? I know what goes in mine....yes I do add salt.

5.) Pickles. I read pickles were ok... but then again.....salt is an issue. I will not give up dill pickles. I also can my own out of my garden each spring. Salt?  Is this going to be an issue?

6.) Carbonated Drinks. Soda I dont care about. I can cut that out 100%  BUT I cannot give up my carbonated water. I found that it is the sting of the carbonation that I enjoy.  When I feel that I need a soda/pop, I just drink a carbonated water.  Is this ok?

7.) Smoked meats? I will not give up my smoker.  I smoke every thing from sausage to pork butts in my smoker.

8.) oh... I cant do with out BLACK coffee and Black Tea....just...i cant do it.  No sugars or creamers.

Based on what I have wrote.... Can I still make this diet work for me?
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Re: Noob issues and questions
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2016, 10:34:13 AM »

I'll try to answer some of your questions.

Regarding potatoes and whether they're paleo or not, you should bear in mind that Paleo is not a low-carb diet, it is flexible enough to accommodate many levels of carb intake, the thing is that you should be careful about your exact needs, it will depend on your age, sex, weight and mostly activity level.

Salt: try the Himalayan salt, it is packed with amazing benefits for general health.

Pickles: use Himalayan salt and make them by your own.

Carbonated Drinks are a great alternative for sodas, there's nothing wrong with them.

Coffee: Since caffeine is the most dangerous ingredient in coffee, I personally drink and recommend naturally decaffeinated coffee.

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Re: Noob issues and questions
« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2016, 05:15:43 PM »
1. Initially you will see quite a big drop in weight as you lose all that excess water a body holds onto on a high carb diet. It should slow down a bit as time goes on. No you're not hurting yourself but at what is quite a high starting weight it might be a good idea to get checked out by a doctor. Just don't let them talk you out of the diet, most doctors do not keep up with current nutrition studies.

2. You have a lot of weight to lose, I would leave tubers alone completely.

3. It depends on how much salt you're having. Some salt is fine, lots of salt is not great.

4. Re sausages, you can give them up, but you won't. You don't need to anyway, if you're making them yourself then you know they're gluten free.

5. Same as earlier, you need to work out how much salt you're actually taking in each day before any real advice could be given.

6. Carbonated water is no problem.

7. Smoked meats, no idea really. Should be fine for the weight loss but I'd wonder about carcinogens down the track.

8. Most here have coffee and tea, shouldn't be an issue as long as you're not putting milk/sugar in there.

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Re: Noob issues and questions
« Reply #3 on: July 05, 2016, 06:15:57 AM »
It's not uncommon to see an quick drops in weight initially and then level out as time goes on. You have a lot that you're not willing to give up, lol. I would just say move to sea salt or Himalayan Pink Salt as your salt of choice. However, if you're using a lot of salt be sure to flush with lots of water. sea salt and pink salt are definitely better alternatives, but you can over do almost anything.

In terms of smoked meats; it doesn't sound like there's a problem there.

Last thing, Be sure that your carbonated water doesn't have sugar added. Some brands add sugar to club soda and similar products to enhance flavor.

Good Luck,