Author Topic: Paleo with no meat except chicken and fish?  (Read 5251 times)

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Re: Paleo with no meat except chicken and fish?
« Reply #15 on: February 13, 2010, 11:42:14 AM »

A few years ago when I went camping for a week and we ran out of food, I had a couple of days without food.  Aside from that, just a few hours.  Why? 

Also, I know people say on pale you're meant to stick to berries for fruit, but I prefer things like lychees and papayas.  Do you think they're OK?

And in that time of fasting would you not eat a t-bone steak or dark chicken meat with the skin-on?

Well, what I meant was, what if for some crazy reason all you could eat for a month was lamb or beef, or some other meat that you're not fond of. I'm sure you would eventually eat it rather than starve. So, if you did eat these foods, physiologically, you'd probably be fine. In fact they may be optimal for your health depending on their source.

Whatever you want to eat, as long as it's paleo you'll be healthy. Like Warren said, fruit will typically slow your weight loss goals and may even stop you from losing if you're eating too much fructose. It also depends on how much you exercise. Remember to get the majority of your calories from paleo fat and protein and you'll be fine.