Author Topic: Since 1st january on paleo, on uncles house now, theyre pressuring me to eat pizza  (Read 3553 times)

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What bad can happen? I dont wanna eat, i just want some information to be sure; how will it mess with my body for the next days? Will i lose all my progress?

If i eat, ill eat a lot

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This is probably too late, but if you have difficulty refusing the pizza entirely, just take a slice and eat the toppings, leaving the cheese and crust.  They probably won't push another slice on you.

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Don't be too strict regarding Paleo, it won't do you harm if you cheat time to time.

For me, I follow the paleo diet at least 80 percent of time, but I don't deprive myself if I really want a delicious pizza, or a homemade apple pie.
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I always find it puzzling when I hear that people are pushing a certain food on others. I don't eat pork, but at BBQs family members will ask if I want hot dogs or pork ribs; and I think to myself 'you know i don't eat pork, right.' I just decline, but I always wonder what's it to someone else if I choose not to eat something; so why be pushy about it. Ok, sorry - Rant Over.

You can have cheat days or meals if you like, but I know that doesn't work for everyone. You'll have to decide the best way to handle it going forward, but I use the following techniques:

1. Politely decline as many times as necessary
2. Eat before I go; particularly if i know the event will not have many (if any) foods for me
3. Carry snacks with me (depends on the type of party it is). My snack of choice is usually meats (they fit in the pocket and make me fill satisfied and not hungry.

Maybe something like that can work for you; to keep the temptations down and manageable.

Good Luck,