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Ozzie Newbie Food Journal
« on: June 02, 2014, 04:41:32 PM »
I am 48 years old and would like to lose 10 kilos.
This is the ten kilos thatís been hanging on since childbirth many years ago and Iím finding it hard to budge. I have been exercise-lacking for a while now.  Just trying to get a handle on paleo.

Any suggestions on quick foods would be great, I don't like cooking much.

I didnít track the first 1-5 days but essentially these were the foods I ate.

Days 1-5
avocados,  eggs,  bananas,  pears,  lots of cashews/almonds/pumpkin seeds (too many I think), beans (I know, now, they're not paleo),  pepper (should it be a particular type?) salt (but should be sea salt), 
 I had a steak (sirloin) two days in a row and I can't remember the last time I've eaten a steak and while it tasted great I think it was part of the cause of my back pain?
More water than Iíve drunk so far in my lifetime!

First 2 days headaches, after they went, then lower back ache.

Day 6

Breakfast:  I slept through breakfast as had a bad nightís sleep due to back pain and getting up all night to go to the toilet.

Lunch: Boiled egg with pepper.

Sometime in arvo: Avocado with cherry tomatoes.

Dinner:    Lots of brussel sprouts simmered in some butter, pepper, chilli flakes (gave me terrible gas).
After dinner still hungry, it was late, no fruit in the house, all the nuts eaten, couldnít find anything strictly paleo, had 1 slice of cheese and 2 slices Ďham off the boneí bought from the shop.

Water: About 2 litres.

Day 7

Breakfast: None

Lunch:  Banana, 2 hot fried salted chips from my friendís bucket  (to stop at 2 is pretty good for me though), 1 x Calcium/Magnesium/Vitamin D, 1 probiotic.

Youíd think that Aussies would be full of Vitamin D but I have skin cancer in the family and I hide from the sun! My Vitamin D has been tested and is low.

Afternoon: Organic Live Food Bar Raw Revolution (51grams).  (organic cashews, organic sunflower seed kernels, organic agave nectar, organic edates, organic coconut, organic cocoa processed with alkali, organic almonds. Organic sprouted flax seed.) Is this ok?

Dinner:  1 free range chicken breast cooked in pan in own juices, 1 egg omelette,  4 cherry tomatoes.

Later:  1 boiled egg.

Water:  1.8 litres

PS: I think the back pain has gone  Iíll see how I go when I lie down to sleep.

Day 8
Itís early morning and no back pain and a good nightís sleep! Yay  :laugh:

THANKS! I love this site.

Day 8

Chicken as above (about 150g) with 1/2 avocado.

Lunch: Chicken as above (about 150g) with 1/2 avocado.

Afternoon: Banana

5pm:  3 lamb chops cooked in own juices.

8.30pm: 2 egg omelette cooked with a bit of butter.

Water: 1.5 litres

1 x Calcium/Magnesium/Vitamin D, 1 probiotic.
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Re: Ozzie Newbie Food Journal
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2014, 02:09:38 PM »
Good job! 

I find that recovering the pemmican from obscurity has been my salvation, but of course everyone's interpretation of that is different.  If you do mess around with it, I have found in my experience that just a dab of nut butter will go a long way toward binding it up properly (although purists will say that no nuts or fruits should be included).  Personally I think you could try to make one according to your tastes up to your tolerance of fat content and fat type.  Lots of people like coconut oil in it for example... though I imagine those might no be so great with meat chunks.  Or who knows?  I like cinnamon on eggs, so don't go by me.  :o

Not liking to cook is a very Paleo thing.  Stone age people spent way more time seeking food than preparing it.  Maybe if you like it, make a big pot of ratatouille vegetable stew, and then every day, grab a half bowl of it and fill it up with a freshly seared or poached piece of fish.  Most of the work is done ahead, you can even use a crock pot. I converted from vegetarian and I find that some of the recipes convert quite nicely with the addition of fresh meat. 

Thanks for posting your diary!