Author Topic: Too Much Snacking?  (Read 2384 times)

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Too Much Snacking?
« on: September 20, 2013, 04:33:06 AM »
So I've read a lot of things that say that if you're hungry than eat, and if you're not than don't eat. Seems simple enough, but i feel like i'm always eating and i'm not sure if that's a problem. Keep in mind i just started paleo on Monday, but I've listed what i ate yesterday. I eat about the same amount each day so far, just switch up the lunch and dinner a bit

Breakfast: 1 fried egg, 2 pieces of bacon, fruit smoothie (almond milk, kale, banana, pineapple, and frozen berries)
Lunch: Hard boiled egg, small spinach salad with olive oil, lemon, and cracked pepper, and a main dish portion (Yesterday it was large salami slices with potatoes, almond shreds, and diced yellow pepper to make a paleo pizza thing. Day before it was chicken sausage.)
Dinner: Changes but i always include a large portion of veggies and a decent amount of protein. Yesterday it was 1/3 lb of ground beef mixed with bacon and onion (burger patty thing i guess) with steamed broccoli and a couple sweet potato fries that i snagged off my boyfriends plate.

And then for snacking (dun dun dunnn): handful of grapes, handful of almonds, cashews, carrots, cucumber slices, plaintain chips, anything else paleo that i can get my hands on!

I realize that i'm probably eating less at meals than i should and that may be why i'm snacking so much, but i have 2 reasons for that. I get full pretty rapidly. I tend to even eat my lunch over an hour period because i eat part, am satisfied, than am hungry again in 20 minutes. Also, if i don't eat when i'm hungry i tend to get kind of dizzy and grumpy. I'm hoping that paleo will actually help with this since it may be due to insulin spikes, but so far it seems like i'm hungry more frequently during the day than i was before i started. I love the diet and want to make it work for me, so is it ok to snack this much or should i try to modify my eating habits? Sorry so long!