Author Topic: The Rise of Raw but Not Vegan  (Read 15568 times)

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The Rise of Raw but Not Vegan
« on: October 22, 2010, 07:44:37 PM »
From the Fresh Network,

I think Shazzie's quote is the best:

Shazzie has been vegan for 25 years and raw for 10 but teaches that in order to be healthy on a vegan diet, it is essential to take the right supplements. In her 2008 book, Evieís Kitchen, she lays out the nutrients which are either absent on vegan diets, or hard to get enough of.

ďOf course we want to be compassionate to all beings, yet we canít ignore the fact that our species hasnít evolved to be 100% vegan. This means that if we choose to be vegan without supplementing (and especially raw, eschewing all fortified cooked products), we miss out on vital nutrients such as B12, choline, vitamin K2 and vitamin D (in some countries) and we may be low in all B vitamins, DHA, minerals and other nutrients. I spent four years researching how to have a 100% vegan diet that would work long term (ensuring no deficiencies) for both adults and developing children alike, and put the detailed findings in my book Evieís Kitchen.

I did this because I want to remain vegan and I want the raw food culture to have every chance of raising healthy children Ė vegan or not. If you arenít prepared to supplement yourself or your child, then you shouldnít be vegan because the risk of deficiencies is too high. We are talking about more than vitamin B12 and itís about time all vegan promoters acknowledged this for the sake of our future generations of vegan children.

I have spoken to many of the raw foodists who are turning to animal products, and the general consensus is they never had vegan ethics before going into raw food, itís just that some people were shouting so loud about raw veganism that it appealed to their ideals of purification and detoxification at the time. Yet now they are aware there are other, non-vegan ways of eating raw food, theyíre giving it a go. Quite often they havenít been supplementing in the way I recommend, so the addition of animal products makes them feel better than being an unsupplemented vegan. Neither way is wrong, I just want people to be healthy and happy.Ē

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Re: The Rise of Raw but Not Vegan
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2014, 12:37:07 PM »
Good point, thanks