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Newbies and Visitors
« on: August 30, 2006, 04:13:10 PM »
Why we are here.
Ever noticed how many overweight people you know?
For me it seems like every second person I meet is overweight.
Ever noticed how few people you know are healthy?
I cannot think of anyone I know who has a history of near perfect health; everyone is either ill, be it with chronic illness or constantly catching some bug that is going around, or having some minor repairs such as dental, optical or other problems.

Ever wonder why?

Here are some links to various documents that will open your eyes, to some of the possible causes.

If you're not sure about adopting this WOE ("Way Of Eating"), I'd suggest reading some of the articles on the pages listed above and checking out some of the topics on this forum, in particular "Diet and Nutrition", "Workout Journals", "Research" and "Recipes and Meal Photos".

Most of us here post a daily journal of what we are eating and what exercises we are doing, adding in weekly updates on our physical condition and general well-being. In addition everyone here is willing to help with suggestions on foods and exercise.

Eric has done an excellent job in setting up this forum and maintaining it for the benefit of those seeking a healthier lifestyle. Currently the forum has members from all over the globe, which says something positive about the WOE we have adopted.

More eye openers

These are specific documents and/or sites relating to the general decline in the health of the human species, many detail the possible causes for autoimmune disease, the reduction in bone density (osteoporosis), heart conditions, obesity, etc. All point to our present high-carbohydrate, grain based diet.

Here is a list of some of the autoimmune diseases that could benefit from this WOE.

And a list of suggested reading

That'll do for now. Check the links out, read the articles and decide for yourself. Stay Healthy :)

Research and information regarding Lectins, these proteins are believed to be the cause of many of mankinds modern ailments and diseases, specifically auto-immune diseases, and they are present in nearly all our modern foods.
Some of the above sites are heavy on the scientese, but the basic message is don't eat grains and beans, they are killing you slowly. While scientists may find medical uses for Lectins, I would prefer to avoid the need by not consuming them.

Ok here are some sites with links or information on suitable paleo foods, distributors and producers. The first is a list of Paleo food vendors around the world, the next three are U.S. and deal with grassfed livestock and the last two are Australian dealing with Bush Tucker.
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