Author Topic: Herds of bison to return to US  (Read 1978 times)

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Herds of bison to return to US
« on: October 30, 2006, 05:20:58 AM »
Once the dominant animal in the American west, bison were slaughtered in huge numbers as European settlers pushed across the continent - 31 million between 1868 and 1881 alone. Now moves are afoot to bring them back.

"One hundred years from now wild bison will be an integral part of land use and management in the American west," says Steven Sanderson, head of the New York-based Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), who this week hosted a meeting in Denver, Colorado, on the ecological future of the animal. At the meeting, the American Prairie Foundation, a conservationist land trust, announced that it has released 20 pure-bred bison onto its land in Montana. Most of the 350,000 individuals roaming the prairies are hybrids, the result of interbreeding between bison and cattle.

It makes ecological sense to restore giant herds of bison, says Kent Redford, a WCS biologist. "Wildfires burn less hot where bison have grazed, benefiting everything from seed propagation to invertebrates," he says. "Why use cattle when you have bison?"

Kenneth Trospercq, of the Northern Arapaho tribe, agrees. He wants bison back on the tribe's reservation in Wyoming. "The bison were everything to us. We want them to be a part of our daily lives again," he says.

I wonder what the hunting laws will be like  ...... and if our native friends will get any exemptions?


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Re: Herds of bison to return to US
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2007, 11:09:03 AM »
I would appreciate if you could post a picture of a "pure-bred" bison and a hybrid bison. :)