Author Topic: Ido Portal's diet plan (Paleo)  (Read 15669 times)

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Ido Portal's diet plan (Paleo)
« on: November 08, 2014, 12:16:19 PM »
Just discovered this guy; some real cool bodyweight exercises and the like.

Guess how he eats?  Yup, Paleo essentially:

Apparently I've started a shit storm with my latest test results. Ive been receiving hundreds of messages over the last 24 hours with questions, inquiries and help requests.
The reason I believe the post had this effect is not because I am eating paleo or that my test results are good, but because I HAVE BEEN DOING THIS FOR 15 YEARS. There are few people who have been following such a lifestyle for so long.
So, let me provide you with some details:
1. I eat animal protein the size of my palm (200-350 grams) with green veggies with every meal. Thats the base of my diet.
2. I vary all that I eat, all the time. Example proteins from the last year: venison, kangaroo, ostrich, chicken, quail, lamb, croc, wild salmon, wild sardines, sea food, eggs, turkey, arctic char, wild boar, deer and more and more. Yes, I know this source is contaminated and that source is not optimal - you know what? shut up.
3. I ingest a PWO shake after training with quality Whey Protein and some carbs in it. I rarely go above 30 grams of carbs here. Yes I know I might need more after heavy glyocolitic training, (I box regularly) but I feel best when not topped off fully and also - performance is not the only marker I am after.
4. I have a carb up meal once/twice a week based on tubers and rice. I will have some dark 85% chocolate and will avoid dairy and gluten fully. The next day I wake up even more ripped.
5. Supplements: I am a believer. Yes, I know many authors are taking down their supplement recommendations (the one's who are selling books) while others are increasing their recommendations (the ones who are selling supplements) while I have stood the middle ground for many years now and will continue to do so.
I have seen great benefits in:
A. Vit-D (upon blood test only)
B. Omega-3 from pharmaceutical grade fish oil supplement. I take 6-15 a day. (yes, that much. Yes, aware of the recent research)
C. Magnesium - in chelated forms only, PWO and night time. I am a big believer in Mag supplementation, but dont take Citrate and I wouldnt give Oxide to my dog.
D. Zinc - in chelated form, upon test. I hate the Zinc Tally test - its shit and I've seen countless cases where it was false compared to blood RBC Zinc test. Zinc can be huge for some males - if you get this right, life is good and you need to attend one my my Handstand workshops in order to properly pee into the toilet in the morning.

Now for all your nay sayers: I still dont see your shirts coming off. (girls included)

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Re: Ido Portal's diet plan (Paleo)
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2015, 08:02:54 AM »
Could you provide any links about what you believe about zinc? Just curious about what you meant, testing, dosage protocols, etc.