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Miscellaneous / Question for the cave women
« on: June 18, 2015, 12:33:53 PM »
Hello, ladies. I was wondering how many of you find yourselves cravings "junk"food when you are menstruating. I mostly want carbohydrate rich stuff like chips and pretzels and fritos, salty and crunchy. But I really want to avoid these ravings as much as can as well. So if you do get cravings, can you offer a little advise on how to calm them?

Diet and nutrition / Soy sauce is in everything!!!
« on: June 17, 2015, 09:47:10 AM »
So, as far as I understand it, Paleo does not allow for soy beans but every damn marinade I want to use has soy sauce in it. My question is this, is soy sauce ok because it is a fermented product or is it out because it is bean based? If it is out, does anyone know an acceptable(and hopefully tasty) substitutes for said sauce?

Diet and nutrition / Dairy Products
« on: June 04, 2015, 08:56:03 AM »
Good Morning everyone. Hope everyone is well. I am new to paleo and kind of confused about dairy products. In all of my reading I am seeing different stances on dairy. No dairy at all, or full fat dairy only. Full fat dairy covers a whole range of milk, butter, and cheeses and opens a variety of recipes up, whereas no dairy at all will require some major adjustments in some recipes. Which way is true?

Introductions / Re: Hey from South Wales!
« on: June 03, 2015, 07:06:01 PM »
That's wonderful! How has it affected your skin?

Introductions / Hello all!
« on: June 03, 2015, 07:04:59 PM »
My name is Jenny. I am a 30 year old obese female with PCOS, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, and chronic fatigue. I work 56 hours as a pediatric home health nurse which involves short bursts of activity followed by a lot of sitting. At the beginning of this my father, who is only 63, fell seriously ill due to a diabetic ulcer on his great toe. This lead to septicemia, then osteomyletis, which lead to the removal of his C3, C4, and C5 vertebrae that was replaced by cadaver bone and the fused as one unit from his C1 to T1. Why is this important you may ask? I have a 4 year old little boy and at 30 I have entirely to many health issues. I remember when my dad first started having health problems when I was 12. He was 45 and they told him was going to die. I didn't quite understand it then, but after living with constant fear of his death, and watching him pray what he thought would be his last(and honestly so did we) I realized I didn't want my 4 year old doing this with me any time soon. I have spent my entire life beating up my body, and though I have some chronic health issues, the damn thing has kept me here. It has taken all of the smoking, and eating, and sleep deprived nights, and alcohol, and every other damaging and abusive thing I have done to it and it has kept moving. So I decided that unless I want it to kill me for all the bs I do it, and unless I want my little boy to watch his mother slowly commit suicide with her crappy lifestyle choices, I better change some stuff around. I have tried fad diets to lose weight, and of course none of it has worked. So I have been reading about paleo and how not just to eat better, but also to make sound lifestyle choices all the way around. I am going to begin this journey beginning next Monday the 8th, and I am going to dedicate myself to it for a year. Yes I know this sounds like a long time to set for a beginner, but I promised myself no drinking at the beginning of the year and I haven't had a drop. I know how to commit, I just need to do it. Hopefully there will be some accountability here as well as encouragement and knowledge sharing. I see a lot of brilliant and supportive people on here. Thank you in advance from me and hope to make lots of great friends on this journey.

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