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Introductions / Must Fully Commit in Dallas
« on: November 03, 2016, 07:52:02 AM »

By way of introduction, 46yo male, 5'10", 180lb, externally would appear mostly healthy with a slight belly. 

Inside though, extremely high triglycerides (previously on meds, but stopped), blood pressure on the verge of being considered high and needing meds, years of acid reflux (on meds), classified as pre-diabetic, joints are aching a lot more these days.  BTW, I greatly dislike taking meds and have kept pushing back on the doctor, except for the acid reflux.

I have subscribed to Mark's Daily Apple, and read several books for the last couple of years and fully get the Paleo path to good health.  I enjoy meats, veggies, fruit, eggs, nuts.  Removed most starches except for the weakness of crackers, potato chips, and other bad snacks.  Bye-bye pasta, hello spiraled zucchini spaghetti -- no problem.  Breakfast and dinner are typically my best meals, very paleo aligned aside from needing to get to grass-fed meats vs. off the shelf grocery store feed-lot meats.

Doesn't sound too bad so far, right. 

Well, my weakness is I love a mixer of vodka and sprite each night.  And sad to say, more than a few.  The grams of sugar are ridiculous.  That leads to the lunch craving for a greasy burger the next day (with bun and greasy fries) or fried wings, or something that is nowhere near paleo.  Snacks will vary from fruit smoothie (good), to potato chips and peanut butter and crackers (SAD).  Then dinner is usually good grilled or baked meat and veggies, with some more vodka and sprite.  And the cycle begins again.

I know WHEN I kick the drinking, my sugar intake will go down significantly and lunch cravings will go away for a healthier option.  Medical issues around triglycerides, pre-diabetes, and inflamed joints will very likely go away.  I am working toward that now.  I am on here to see recipes, workout ideas, and how others have overcome challenges toward having a primal lifestyle.  Perhaps even how to overcome this bad habit of mine.

Thanks for allowing me to join and ironically, putting the above in writing has helped clarify things in my mind and renew why I need to be primal.


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