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Food Journals / Mel's Going Paleo Log
« on: June 14, 2008, 10:08:31 AM »
Hooray for accountability! I'll post my starting stats later.

Goal 1 - Eliminate desserts - This one I've pretty much done(see below), I'm going to keep desserts for holidays.
Goal 2 - Eliminate processed grains - this one I'm working on.
Goal 3 - Eliminate tubers
Goal 4 - Eliminate all grains
Goal 5 - Reduce or eliminate dairy

Alright, so yesterday was pretty bad. I didn't eat until after work around 4, and really should have had more than a BBQ salad. Instead when I went shopping, despite being so resolute before entering the grocery store, I picked up a pint of Ben & Jerry's to go with my organic chard and brussel sprouts. I've always heard that one shouldn't go grocery shopping while hungry, but assumed that of course, I'm much to strong willed to fall prey to the aisles of dessert. Wrong! Turns out I'm human after all.

Found out the first ingredient to my favorite BBQ sauce at work is HFCS! It's like eating soda! Sad day. I'll take my ribs with a dry rub, please.

Because of my splurge yesterday I'm skipping dessert on Father's Day, it shouldn't be too hard. We're grilling, so there'll be plenty of steak to keep me happy. Today I'm hiking a bit, packing a trail mix for my vegetarian friend, and jerky, fruit and nuts for me. I'm staying away from the granola.

Introductions / Jumping in
« on: June 11, 2008, 05:54:58 PM »
*stands up* Hi, my name is Mel, and I'm a sugar addict. =)

I've been looking for a place to get support and encouragement as I phase out grains, sugar and eventually dairy. This seems like an awesome place!

Right now I'm a part-time waitress, full time student living at home. I've been hoarding and eating candy and snacks since I was little; when I could sneak it, I would eat cinnamon and sugar by the spoonful! Recently I gave up dessert for a month and I felt great. Of course, I've made up for that month in the past 3 days, but I'm back on track now. I've been crossfitting for about 8 months, and lurk around's message board, so I'm pretty convinced paleo is the way to go! It's just such a huge change for me, I would appreciate any help!

I've got at least 20lbs of fat to lose, at 5'2, and 153lbs. I've starved my way to 100 before, but I think 120-130 is a better range for me to shoot for. But at this point, if I could stop being so dependent on carbs I wouldn't care if I stayed the same size. I HATE my cravings, and I can't wait to get rid of them.

Thanks for being here!

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