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Recipes and meal photos / Liver disaster
« on: August 29, 2006, 08:47:34 AM »
I started craving liver again.  Like always just

before my time of month.  So I decided to cook

some. :-X

It usually taste great and doesn't look that bad.

But this time I decided that I knew the recipee

and I didn't need to get the recipe book. :o

I usually cook it with nuts and raisins and some

wine among others stuff.  It taste sweet and has

some crunchy nuts.  I enjoy eating it with eggs.

Adding to the not following the recipee; I also bought

some cooking wine which I have never tasted

before and didn't taste before pouring it into the


I decided to take a sip of it when the liver

was almost done.  It really tasted like sweat.  So

I cooked my liver in sweat tasting wine.

I did something else but I don't know what ???

Because sadly my liver looks disgusting.  So now

it taste bad, smells funky and it looks like it

shouldn't be eaten. :-\

What is worst I did the whole liver so I have like 5

more serving in the fridge.

I didn't want you to see the gruesome sight I saw,

so I didn't include the picture.

Workout Journals / Me cavewoman, me workout!
« on: August 24, 2006, 06:22:40 PM »
Today I:

           Jogged 5 min.

           Sprinted 5 times (15 second sprints)

           Did 10 pushups between sprints (5 female and 5 male pushups)

          Cool down and streched. :P

       Not a lot but its still something. ;D

My paleo boyfriend encouraged me to give it all in the sprints.  I noticed

that even though I gave it all I was still slow.  I guess with time I'll get faster  ;)

Introductions / Cavewoman here!
« on: August 24, 2006, 07:13:34 AM »
Hi Cave woman here!
          I am fairly new to this.  I was introduced to this WOE through my boyfriend.

Now I am in the process of learning more about it and making my diet more strict.

I grew up in a Hispanic island; eating rice, beans and meat daily. Also cereal, sandwiches

and a lot of dairy product.  So its been very hard to break away from my eating habits.

I am in my early 20s, very slim and always low on energy.  I did notice an increase of energy

with this diet even though I haven't gone all the way with the diet. Since I can't part from

milk.  I guess I find it comforting in a way.

Did I mention I get hungry every 2 hours.  I eat a lot and yet I get so hungry.  If I skip a

meal I get cranky and can not concentrate, if i skip a meal daily then I feel weak.  :-\

I read daily the post and go to the links.  Theres a lot of useful info on this website. 

I especially like the links to excersice routines and recipes  :P

Thanks to all the people who contribute to this website.  I hope more Paleo females join

soon! TTYL

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