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Interviews / Exercise Halts Weight Loss
« on: April 05, 2012, 05:52:43 PM »
Ever since I can remember, I can either diet OR exercise. My body doesn't seem to be able to do both. I started on Paleo 2 1/2 weeks ago and dropped 7 pounds in the first 5 days. After I started exercising, I not only didn't lose, but gained back 2 pounds then held steady. By steady, I mean not even a +/- 0.1 pound fluctuation. This week, beginning of week three. I decided to see how long after exercise would I start to lose weight again. I exercised on Sunday. Circuit training with body weight exercises. I didn't lose weight again until Wednesday. Today I am down 2 pounds to put me back where I was when I first started exercising. Now, I am not meaning to sound like I am frustrated with the diet. That is not is at all. I am LOVING the diet and don't plan on going back to eating terrible regardless of weight loss. I am about 90% Paleo and I only don't count 100% because I don't have total control of what restaurants put in their food but I do my absolute best to order strictly Paleo friendly. I have cut out sweeteners such as honey and agave nectar, 1-2 servings of fruit a day, plenty of vegetables, tons of meat/eggs, and staying hydrated.

My question is if anyone else has or had this problem in the past and what they changed to fix it? I really want to be able to do both at the same time but my body just isn't receptive to that. I had lost 30 pounds in the past but had to alternate a few weeks of diet only with a few weeks of diet/exercise because I would not lose weight during the time I would exercise. I do have a tendency to "bulk up" quickly but I imagine that it is impossible build muscle fast enough to balance out weight loss. I use the term bulk up cautiously because I know that women don't bulk up the way men do but I don't have a lean or toned frame. All of the women in my family are the same way, especially my mom. Any suggestions would be really helpful. Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing what others have to say. :)

Food Journals / Cakies' Paleo Adventures
« on: March 26, 2012, 08:59:47 PM »
I am on day 9 of my 30 day challenge. Almost 30% there! It went by so fast. is what I ate today. I am hoping that by tracking what I have been eating, I will be able to pin point areas of improvement.

Breakfast: Smoothie-1/2 c coconut milk, banana, coconut water, raw honey. I normally add in one raw egg but I decided to leave it out today to see if this is what was upsetting my stomach. Turns out that just decreasing the amount of coconut milk was the key. I will resume the egg tomorrow.

Lunch: LARGE salad with romaine lettuce and spinach, carrots, pepperchinis, olives, grilled chicken breast, with oil and vinegar dressing.

Snack: Handful of Pistachios

Evening: Not really dinner, just kind of grazed throughout the evening. Pork ribs, skinless chicken leg and thigh. Trimmed fat on both, no sauces, no salt.

Dessert: Banana, coconut milk, cocoa powder, splash of raw agave nectar, pure vanilla extract blended.

Just looking at what I ate today, I definitely need to increase the amount of veggies and decrease the amount of fruits. Although, the bananas have a purpose in my diet. I believe that I have a history of low potassium that causes heart palpitations. I guess one a day would be fine instead of two. My weight was up today but I can't expect to lose everyday. I was also tired. I got about 7 hours of sleep last night. It was not enough. I could tell because I felt hungry all day. The only thing that stopped me from grabbing chocolate eggs off of the desk at work or diving into the spaghetti that I made my husband and the roomie is that I know that the hungry feeling was purely emotional. As for tonight, a good night sleep. For tomorrow, being prepared with veggies.

Introductions / Good evening everyone!
« on: March 19, 2012, 07:59:12 PM »
I am at the end of day 2 of my journey and so far i have been enjoying grazing all day. When I look at grains, I can't help but think "toxic". I can't say that I really feel any least not yet. I know that this is going to take time. Here is a little background on me. I am a 24 y/o female, married, no children, registered nurse, living in Henderson, NV. I lost 30 pounds on weight watchers about 3 years ago and have managed to gain all of that back and then some. I am currently at 220 pounds, 5'5'', and miserable. My mom came across Paleo and I decided to look into it. It is so cut and dry, no grey areas. It is either good for you, or it isn't. This is exactly what I need. I can't do anything in moderation. There's no such thing as a half a brownie, it is one or two brownies. I hope to be more successful at quitting cold turkey than cutting back. Anyways, it's all or nothing right? I want nothing more than to just feel better, mentally and physically. I look forward to seeing where this new lifestyle gets me.

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