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Diet and nutrition / Need some help with meats (and some fruits)
« on: March 08, 2014, 10:15:59 PM »
Hello all.  Being new to the Paleo diet, the amount of information out there can sometimes be a bit overwhelming.  I'm hoping I can get some advice on meats.  Forgive me if any of the questions are repetitive.

First meat question, what meats should be eaten in moderation and what are good to eat frequently in regards to weight loss/weight control?  Typical thinking is that leaner meats would be better (as they have less fat, and less fat should be better), but what I've read suggested that high protein, low fat diets wouldn't actually be good for me (weight loss/weight control), as the Paleo diet relies on fats.  So eating things like chicken breast or lean ground turkey/beef most of the week isn't the best thing to do.  Is that correct?  I need to mix some fattier meats in with it.  What types of meats should I avoid, or how frequently should I eat them?

Second meat question, if I go to the butcher section of my local grocery, and get some of the "sausages" (Italian sausage, Chorizo, Filipino sausage, etc.), how bad are they in a Paleo diet?  I know they can sometimes contain fillers (though would the fillers be bad/included from a butcher as opposed to pre-packed crap?), but ignoring that, how often should these items be eaten?  They are rather easy to make, often a cost effective protein, and something I enjoy eating.

Final meat question, how bad is ham, like a spiral ham that people get for holidays? 

Fruit quesiton, exactly how bad are bananas and grapes?  I know they are considered high sugar fruits, and should be avoided or eaten in moderation.  My exercise of choice is swimming, so I like to eat bananas to keep my potassium up (as they are really the only fruit in the top 10 potassium fruits I like to eat - though bacon wrapped dates are awesome).  I try to limit it to one a day (max), and try to not mix it with other high sugar fruits, but I rarely eat other fruits (sometimes grapes when they are on sale).
 - A side question for this: how bad would you consider "banana flour"?  I would have to hand make this, as it isn't readily available in the states I believe (or too expensive).  I know the general thinking is any type of flour is bad (though I've read that almond flour is bad simply because of the taste..?), but if it is made from Paleo items, is it acceptable in moderation?

General diet question.  How bad is it to overeat vegetables?  I have no doubt I could possibly eat two pounds of cooked brussel sprouts or cauliflower.  I know overeating anything is bad, but exactly how bad would this be?

Thanks in advance.

Food Journals / The Pez Dispenser log
« on: March 05, 2014, 11:34:48 AM »
Day 1

Breakfast: Banana x1

Lunch:  Ground turkey (with chorizo) lettuce wraps x2 (on the smaller side), chicken breast lettuce wrap x1 (approximately 4 ounce), salted roasted squash (small amount)

Dinner:  Pollack (1.5 fillets), roasted mini peppers, roasted baby carrots, asparagus

Snack: Red seedless graps

Introductions / Wannabe caveman
« on: March 05, 2014, 11:23:34 AM »
Greetings all!  I have been transitioning myself to a Paleo diet for the last two weeks (my wife tells me I already have the grunting down like a pro).  While I've been virtually dairy-and-wheat free since then, I'm going to consider today as day #1 (as I will be starting a food journal).  My wife will be accompanying me on this journey, but will not be as strict as I am (as she likes cream in her coffee).

My goal is to lose weight and live healthier.  I hope to start making babies in the next couple of years (can't wait much longer), and I want to be healthier for when that happens.

I have one known cheat in my diet: Crystal Light Decaffeinated Natural Lemon Iced Tea.  Water just doesn't do it for me.  This is probably about 99.9% non-Paleo, but I'm not in a position to start home brewing iced tea in the quantities I drink, but I am (slowly) working on reducing the amount of this crap I drink.  I need to let my body adjust to the trauma of no more breads (my favorite food).  Related, I will probably also have some non-Paleo Turkey Bacon in the near future, simply because we already have it, but won't be eating it once the current stock is gone.  Then, it will be normal/real bacon.

Glad to be a part of this awesome community.

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