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Food Journals / The Best 30 Day Paleo Challenge Ever starts next Monday!
« on: September 30, 2014, 08:23:46 AM »
Hey everyone,

I'm putting together a group to do a very special type of 30 Day Paleo Challenge.

Start date: 6 October 2014

Duration : 30 days

So this it the deal. 30 Day Challenges tend to be a bit boring, right? This one will be very different. All participants will become completely accountable to the rest of the group. No cheating. Full transparency. Maximum peer support, encouragement and motivation. Maximum results.


We will be using a free iOS app I have developed. We will be sharing pictures of every meal we eat with this app. The app will keep track of how many Paleo meals we eat, validate that the meals are actually Paleo, reward the participants with points and allow them to track their weight. There will also be a crowd-sourced feedback system to make sure everyone is going in the right direction.

For now there are about 40 people signed up. Would be great to involve as many people as possible!

Interested? Then leave a message below and email me your name at

See you soon

PS: I've also posted this on Reddit/r/Paleo (
PS2: Really sorry for those NOT on iOS, but for now, the app is only for iOS...

I've been a casual Paleo eater for the past couple months. Now want to push myself to the next level and see how far I can transform my body in a 8 week period. The only way I found to gather enough motivation is make this super public here. So here I go ....

My aim is to shed some body fat and put on lean muscle. Standard enough right? I don't have a specific target in mind, this is more of a "let's see how far I can go" type of experiment.

I'm going to follow the Whole30 approach (no dairy, no legumes, no sweets, no alcohol, no "cheating") for 30 days to get myself into the drill. The "no alcohol" part is going to be hardest. Going out to a party completely sober is going to be a weird one.

In terms of working out, I'd like to cap it to 2 workouts per week. I don't want to be going to the gym everyday, I don't have time for that and it's just not sustainable over the long term!

So I'll be doing the same full-body routine twice a week. I'll try and increase weights a little bit each time. Below is what I have in mind for my workout. What do you think?

Dumbbell lunges, dumbbell squat, barbell curl, dumbbell bicep curl, dumbbell raise, wide arm pushups, barbell bench press, wide grip pulldown, dumbbell 2 arm triceps extension, standing dumbbell calf raise, plank, bicycle (abs) and russian twist (abs). Takes me about 90min to complete this routine so that's 3 hours per week.
If you want to follow my workouts on Fitocracy (, my name is seb8weektransfo

I'll also be posting a picture of myself every Monday morning. This is what I look like today:

So yeah, I'm a pretty normal guy at this point ....

I know there are a lot of expert people around here. What do you guys think? Am I going to at it the right way?

Is it possible to put on lean muscle on a Whole30 diet?

Should I increase carb intake post workout or is that bs?

Thanks! Seb

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