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Food Journals / Getting started...
« on: February 04, 2018, 04:46:39 AM »

Breakfast: I had packaged "Paleo granola" with coconut yoghurt. Unfortunately the coconut yoghurt had some crap in it. Baby steps here... The granola claimed to be "activated", although there was no visual evidence...

Lunch: Spinach, carrot, beetroot salad, dressed with my own mix of EVOO, balsamic, mustard powder, S&P. About 200g of beef meatballs.

Dinner: Grilled kangaroo steak (yes, that's a thing here...) with garlic, S&P, and mixed salad. No dressing. With a pint of ginger beer (hey, I'm working on the whole alcohol thing).

Through the day I snacked on a banana, an apple, and a couple of kiwi fruit.

I also made about 3.5L (3.7 quart) of beef bone broth, with scallion, garlic, ginger, S&P for use in soup and as a base for soups. I like to take this stuff to work each day in a thermos flask for smoko (that is, morning tea in Aus speak).

It was about 27C/80F here today; I drank around 2L of water.

Introductions / Hello from Australia.
« on: February 04, 2018, 04:28:30 AM »
Hello from Australia. My name's Pete.

Iím middle-aged and grossly overweight. 176cm (5í 9  ĹĒ) and 105kg (230 lbs). Not enough of which is muscle, too much of which is fat. Part of this is due to a sedentary job, most is due to drinking too much. I admit that laziness and complacency are probably the main factors.

Yes, this is all changing now. Iím weaning myself off old habits; I realise this will take a little time.

Iíve had ďmedical specialistsĒ tell me to limit fat consumption, eat vegan, etc. None of which has worked for me. Whenever I eat vegan I have no energy and feel lightheaded and extremely angry. Eating a carb-based diet (as has also been recommended to me) makes me feel bloated and generally crappy. Mrs Pete tells me that my mood takes a turn for the worse when I eat carbs (or worse, when I eat vegetarian/vegan).

Iíve had some ďexpertsĒ tell me to snack often, others have told me the opposite. Itís been suggested that Iím insulin resistant, although Iíve had a hard time getting confirmation or even proper definition of this.

Paleo or Whole30 seem the best options as far as Iíve been able to find so far. And frankly, Iím at the point of trying whatever puts a valid argument forward. Apart from that, I adore a meaty diet.

Iíd say Iím an above-average cook for someone self-taught. Friends tell me Iím a great cook (but Iím assuming some excessive kindness there). I cook some very palatable paleo Ė and non-paleo Ė meals (if I may say so myself), so no excuses there. Iím passionate about natural fermentation and old-school curing techniques; these have a long tradition going way back in my family. Thereís an anecdotal story to tell here about the benefits of fermented foods (based on my own very real experience), but perhaps thatís for another time.
Iím here to learn. Iím here to improve my health. Iím here so I can be here longer for my wife & kids.

I hope I can also contribute to this forum in some way. I look forward to the opportunity, if and when it arises.

Thanks to the administrators for accepting me into this forum. And thanks to you all for reading this rant. And I ask for your patience for the many questions Iím likely to ask.

Tl;dr version: Iím middle-aged, Iím fat, Iím desperate, I can do this, please help, I hope to help others.

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