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Miscellaneous / Please Help! Save my life.
« on: March 07, 2010, 12:10:18 AM »
Hey Everyone,

My names Jordan, I'm 18 years old and I am really struggling with life at the moment.
I don't know if anyone else has had the same problem as me (I hope not) but I really need help, I'm running out of strength.

Ok, so I discovered the Paleo diet around the 2nd term of year 12 (last year) and was instantly drawn to it. Being someone who loves health & fitness I am always keen to learn and explore new things. I started the paleo diet at first without cutting out foods I really enjoyed, such as peanuts, soft drink and salt. I found though when having long nights at internet gaming cafes I would simply buy I big bag of peanuts and end up eating the whole bag (this is one of the worst sick feelings ever!).
So I decided after a while to become full paleo, sticking to the diet 100% and I found when I was happy, motivated and exercising regularly, it was a dream come true. Until the pattern was realised.

Since becoming paleo (6 months +) I have been in a pattern where I would be 100% dedicated to my diet and health for 1,2,3 weeks maybe, then all of a sudden, either I would feel I needed a treat or would justify it some other way, and would give myself a little break (i would say to myself). Example; I would go to the movies and to enjoy the movie I would get a popcorn and drink. Afterwards though, because i relaxed a little bit and broke my diet, I would think ill have something else as well (you can see where this is going), and quite literally, I would just lose the plot COMPLETELY! I have gone from a defined 6pack of abs, to a gut in one night. Normally starts with something that isn't really very bad for you, like brown rice, but then continues throughout the night until I am still awake at 5am feeling like I'm going to throw up while on my way to McDonald's.

This has pushed me to the very edge several times. With such depression that Ive been sitting in my car deciding whether to drive as fast as i can at a light post. Going through this for a night sounds bad, trust me it is, now imagine doing it fortnightly. Going from a awesome feeling lean body, with heaps of energy and motivation, to a depressed sick and fat person, and then having to build myself up again and go back to my diet, work off the fat, then it all happens again.

My mum didn't know about this at first, but it has become such a problem that i needed real help. Mum is trying to help me and much as she can, I am moving back home for support, and we are even considering a shrink or medication. I almost lost my job because I was just so lost.

It is my 19th birthday on the 14th of march and i have just been through the hell on the weekend, probably why i am writing this, and I want to feel great and look great to my birthday. I don't believe in a quick fix, but I am in serious need of help guys.

Sorry for talking so much, if anyone has help, either post it on here, or email me;

Thanks everyone, love the paleo diet.
-Hutchi :'(

Interviews / Paleolithic survey: Food & Hospitality Industry
« on: August 31, 2009, 07:02:12 PM »
Hello Everyone,

I am currently in year 12 and as part of my Food & Hospitality assignment which is based on the catering of special diets I have chosen to focus on the Paleolithic diet. Also I'd like to add I am Paleo myself :D

Ok here are the questions, answer as few as your want, but the more information I get the better my results are so more would help. (All information given is kept confidential)

1. Briefly describe what your Paleolithic diet involves.
2. Why did you choose to become Paleolithic?
3. What are some benefits and detriments of being Paleolithic?
4. As a Paleo, do you feel restaurants & cafes cater for you? Why/Why not?
5. As a Paleo, how limited are your choices when eating out?
6. Do you think restaurants & cafes should do more to cater for Paleolithics?
7. With relation to where you live, are there enough specialist restaurants or cafes for you to choose from? Are there any?
8. Any extra comments you would like to make?

Thanks for helping me with my assignment, your information is greatly appreciated. I know some questions may not be so relevant to our diet, but just answer what you can :)

Please send all survey responses to:
Look forward to reading your responses,

Thanks, Hutchi :D

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