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Food Journals / Re: Two weeks in
« on: February 04, 2013, 02:14:53 PM »
Three Weeks in!

I have lost 7.0kg or !5.5lbs, plus 7.0cm's (2.75inches) from my waist.

Progress has been good but has slowed and for most of the last week it was a flat line or fluctuations up and down. Not seeing daily progress is risky for me because if I am not confident about getting results my resolve weakens and I see little cheats creaping into my diet.

A few observations:
 - I have not been exercising during the weight loss phase to ensure I don't stimulate appetite and over eat or chase non Paleo stimulants eg sugar.
 - Eating out has challenges! A steak I ordered this week came with a creamy sauce on it that wasnt disclosed in the menu.
 - My body is now telling me it needs more sleep (which is very unusual for me)


Food Journals / Two weeks in
« on: January 27, 2013, 05:28:40 PM »
I am two weeks into my Paleo eating plan. I thought  I would record some observations;
1. You do not realise how restrictive the food choices are until you walk into a 7Eleven and look around for something to eat or drink! I haven't got organised enough for food while I am out and about. Eventually did find some cashews.
2. If you don't eat big enough meals you go looking for snacks, which usually leads to fruit, not ideal during the early attempt to lose weight.
3. The enemies lurk everywhere, hidden in sauces, being offered to you at cafes and restaurants. Friends and clients suggesting beer and wine are better options than water!

Despite wrestling with the logistics I have lost 6.5 kg or 14ibs in two weeks. Plus 3 cms around the waist. This can be frustrating too as you can eat clean for a few days with no change whatsoever or go up in weight and then have a couple of small cheats and lose a kg! No rhyme or reason to how your body changes.

Anyway going OK so far.



Introductions / Just signed up!
« on: January 19, 2013, 09:23:36 PM »
G'day from DownUnder,

Just started Paleo this week... been going for 5 days and have already lost 5.0kg (roughly 11 pounds!)...

As I work long hours and spend many meal time hours in the CBD I have spent most of the week scouting food places to get Paleo type foods.

Got lucky with this place that just opened 5 minutes walk from my office. I saw the Paleo BluePrint book on their counter as well as Tim Feriss 4 hour  body saw what they were doing and couldn't believe my luck. Got a breakfast bowl of free range eggs, spinach and bacon... they also serve Almond Milk based drinks etc.

Anyway, hoping to stick to the plan until Easter and then hopefully 25 / 30 pounds down, give CrossFIt a crck!



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