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Introductions / Re: Day three of paleo
« on: July 18, 2013, 07:41:55 AM »
 The headaches have gone minus the stress  My hubs is in the USAF. 
I am 2 complete weeks in with one meal weekly to cheat and have lost 15.5 lbs to date.  So, I know that my body was needing this.
Thanks for the response.

I am on day three of paleo.  I was expecting 2-4 weeks of with-drawls and lethargy.  I am fortunate that it seems to have passed for the moment.  Though, I am pretty sure that it will return as I have ingested so much crap over the last 4 years.  I learned at a young age (due to training) that if you are feeling lethargic to try to change your food combos.  Maybe add a bit more fat and protein and of course eliminate the cereal (that could be the sole culprit)
I hope you feel better soon and find balance :-)

Food Journals / Alyie's food journal
« on: July 10, 2013, 01:13:42 PM »
Monday 7/8/13
B:  2 eggs, 2 strips of bacon, cut bell pepper and onion
L: sirloin strips, asparagus and tomato and cucumber salad
D: Sirlion strips, sweet potato, broccoli

Tuesday 7/9/13
B: 1 egg, 2 strips of bacon, bell pepper and onion
S: banana
L: (Missed due to clinical rotations at school)
S: Orange and pumpkin seeds
D: 2 small salmon fillets, sweet potato, asparagus and tomato

Wednesday 7/10/13
B: Banana and fresh orange juice, 1 egg and large portobello mushroom
S: pumpkin seeds, orange
L: Salmon fillet and broccoli
S: Kiwi and lemon slush (lemon juice, crushed ice and strawberry blended)

Introductions / Day three of paleo
« on: July 10, 2013, 01:05:50 PM »
Hi Everyone,
   I'm Alyie.  28 year old military wife, mom to an awesome 3 year old boy, MSN student and taekwondo instructor.  I have never had weight trouble until my pregnancy and put on almost 70 lbs from being on bed rest from 9 weeks until the emergency c-section and having to cease, what was my normal 7 hours daily of training and teaching class.  My diet was always pretty healthy as my instructor and trainer were exceedingly strict.  But, when I was put on bed rest, depression set in quickly.  I think the lack of activity and I had never been that still before in my life lead to it.  I started eating more carbs and processed food.  It was also so much easier as my husband was on a military mission.  Processed junk became a regular.  Now, here I am almost 190 at 5'3 and looking to change my life for the better.  I want to get into training shape again, Im not ready to give up that dream.  I am on day 3 of paleo and I have had horrible headaches from sugar withdrawl until today.  I woke up, after sleeping rather well, and felt great.  I am praying the with-drawls were short lived and I have made it through that.  I gave up all dairy, processed food, grains and sweets.  I am determined to feel better.  I have had a crossfit memebership and have decided to give it all I have.  I don't want to just lose weight and I don't want a quick fix.  I want to do this supplement free, fad diet free and come out a better and stronger person.  Also, I was diagnosed with a long living strain of malaria after a trip to Uganda in Jan/Feb (Despite preventative medication taken correctly, my Dr rx'd me a drug that has a resistant strain in Uganda).  I have heard so many people say that diet alteration helped with flare-ups.  I have researched paleo for over a year and have finally jumped in with both feet.  So, any advice anyone has, would love to hear it.  Can't wait to get to know some of you!
God Bless.

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