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Introductions / Howdy to all 2019 Resolution-ers!
« on: January 07, 2019, 02:16:41 PM »
Howdy, all,

Like many of you, I started this way of eating/living as my main resolution for 2019.  And like many, I've tried just about every diet and found I couldn't live with them long-term.  This, I think, will be different.

Am only a week in, 10 lbs. down, and only had one day of low-carb flu (yesterday).

After trying my initial book - 28 Days to Paleo - I've found one I like the recipes more - The Big 15 Paleo Cookbook.  Less "baked egg" recipes and more easy/quick ones that taste better.  Still have to make my own ketchup!

Thought I'd miss the cheese more than anything and haven't too much.  Don't want to open the door again by trying the "nut cheeses"...which sounds almost as naughty as "nut milk." lol  I'd rather learn to live without.

Anyone wants a Paleo buddy, I'm your girl.  Have another friend who has Crohn's who is hoping this will help her...and another with MS, thinking about it still.

How's everyone's week been so far?


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