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Diet and nutrition / Re: Why is the caveman diet making me very tired?
« on: February 11, 2010, 07:37:05 AM »
Also, I think sometimes people on the paleo diet get colds without any of the normal symptoms, they just get tired and sleepy and don't realize they are sick.

Thanks for this--I think I'm going through this right now.  I watch a baby who is actually sick w/ RSV (coldlike bug that is highly contagious) and these past 2 days I have been feeling tired, and slightly foggy headed--just not optimum.  But I don't really feel sick, so I've been wondering what's going on...  I really think this is it--I have a 'cold', but just feel slightly less than optimal.  It's amazing how powerful our diets are!!! 

Exercises / Re: The Basics...?
« on: February 10, 2010, 06:51:42 AM »
Thanks again you guys--it's pretty sweet to have knowlegeable personal trainers online for free!!  ;D

I'll keep you posted on my progress--I certainly have a lot to do for now!!! 

And phrakture, thanks for the shovelglove link.  I need to set a timer for 14 minutes and do some cleaning around here!   :D  It's amazing how much you can get done in what feels like a very short amount of time once you set that timer for yourself...

Exercises / Re: The Basics...?
« on: February 09, 2010, 11:59:53 AM »
So, I did 5 rounds of the circuits (prob. a total of 12 minutes, 10 reps each exercise per ciruit) using a blend of the stuff you both recommended (replaced a couple of things I couldn't do or didin't have access to doing) and it was awesome and definitely kicked my butt!

SO awesome!  Thank you guys!!  I'm REALLY excited about all this!

Wlfdg, would lifting heavy things--like the buckets of waters or rocks/rock throwing kind of stuff be considered strength training?  (Makes sense that it would--just wondering where that kind of stuff would fit in if I were trying to do some sort of a weekly system, like what arthur mentioned from day 1-day 7?)

Even just jump up and go down slow to get the negative effect... and just jump a littlle less each time :D
Thanks for the pull up mod recs!

Exercises / Re: The Basics...?
« on: February 09, 2010, 10:27:38 AM »
You guys totally rock.  This is more than enough to get us started. 

Any pull up modification ideas?  (a., I've NEVER done a pull up, always struggled w/ it, and b. don't have a pull up bar, although can think of some playgrounds w/ monkey bars we could use. ;) 

Arthurb999 I can do single leg squats to a chair, not any lower, and I need to look up pike presses.  I'm sure we'll be modifying some/lots of this stuff for a while while building our strength!  (My husband does NOTHING as far as exercise goes, seriously, so we'll be starting slowly...)

And Wlfdg, I hear you on the limits of yoga for these purposes.  Everything I've done w/ bodyweight stuff has only helped my practice, and I LOVE my practice, but totally think this circuit style stuff will be a whole other ball game.  (I've actually always had trouble building muscle/strength, but am now stronger than I've ever been in my life.  But I've got LOTS of room to improve, and these recs will totally be helpful!)

Woo hoo!  Love that everything can be done at home.  Thanks for the input both of you!!!

Exercises / Re: The Basics...?
« on: February 09, 2010, 07:00:34 AM »
I'm also interested in being really efficient--getting the most out of each minute, but just don't know how--yet.  Thanks again for any recs/replies!

Exercises / The Basics...?
« on: February 09, 2010, 06:52:10 AM »
So, I've been doing various bodyweight exercises (squats, push-ups, burpees, etc) based on recs I've gotten on another forum, in addition to my regular vinyasa yoga practice.  I don't think I've found the perfect mix yet though--I've read it's best to work out so hard (only a couple times a week) that you feel exhausted at the end--this is certainly not the case w/ me (I could probably keep going after I'm done), so I don't think I'm doing it right...

My husband is interested in starting to work out now.  I'd LOVE to organize my own workouts better, and to create a routine/workout plan that he can do as well.  We have a pair of 8 lb weights and our bodies for equipment.  I'd rather focus on things we can do w/out a gym or other stuff, just using our bodies.  Any ideas?  And recs for how to make sure we are working hard enough?  I'm still really new to all this working out stuff (was never my thing, although I've loved yoga for years--the strength training stuff is all new to me.) 

Thanks for any ideas/link/etc!

Diet and nutrition / Re: Since we're eating paleo
« on: February 08, 2010, 06:57:54 AM »
Interesting Il Capo--thanks for your reply!  And I believe you are totally correct re: women surviving better than men fasting (I think the Donner party proved that...?) 

Diet and nutrition / Re: Since we're eating paleo
« on: February 07, 2010, 05:05:36 PM »
Plus the womenfolk would be wandering round collecting all sorts of not massive and dangerous food.

I wonder about stuff like this irt IF--if there are differences between women and men.  (Like, can men go longer b/c the women *may* have been more likely to snack on berries and other gatherables during the day?)  On the lean gains site he has different recommendations for fasting for women and men (recommends fasting 14 hours daily for women, 16 for men), but I haven't read any scientific evidence that backs that up...

And that article is just FASCINATING!  Thanks for sharing!

Diet and nutrition / Re: Transitioning to a warrior/fast-5 type of diet...
« on: February 07, 2010, 04:51:52 PM »
Thanks for sharing neocookie!  It's great to hear from folks who've done it for a while!

My fast was shorter today--I did a 16 hour fast/8 hour eating window, but I've been feeling really good since my first post--no more lightheadedness, etc.  I totally think I'm going to stick to this eating window thing for a while at least, keep it at maximum of 8 hours (the eating window).  I really think it can only be good for my digestive health.  It's also been really cool to *not* be thinking about food all day (aside from planning my evening meal(s) and making my toddler snacks/meals throughout the day.) 

Diet and nutrition / Re: Condiments?
« on: February 06, 2010, 07:52:29 PM »
I really love this bbq sauce, if you're ever looking for a recipe.  It's stevia sweetened.  (Stevia is not really paleo, but I'm comfortable using can use honey in place of it if you want.)

Diet and nutrition / Re: Transitioning to a warrior/fast-5 type of diet...
« on: February 06, 2010, 11:28:32 AM »
Just wanted to update--today I feel great (it's almost 2:30 here and I plan to break my fast at 5 for a 19 hour fast/5 hour eating window.)  I went to a yoga class this am, it was awesome, I have not and still don't feel shaky/lightheaded etc. at all.  I feel a little hungry, but I think part of that is being used to eating by now (I used to eat snacks all day long actually...was working on sticking to 3 separate meals prior to this)--the hunger doesn't feel unbearable or too difficult to get through at all.  So, hopefully I'm just adjusting to this and my lightheaded-ness of yesterday was either a fluke or just part of the transition.

Thanks again for all your thoughts/links!!   ;D

Diet and nutrition / Re: Transitioning to a warrior/fast-5 type of diet...
« on: February 06, 2010, 05:03:51 AM »
Ori may have exaggerated that a bit.  It's not an adrenaline dumping state, just higher energy production.

It probably a result of our ancestors feeding patterns.  If a hunt for large game was successful then there would likely be enough food for a few days or so (depending upon tribe and game size).  If man woke up with food and he ate breakfast, it would be a perfect sign that he didn't need to go hunting and energy could be saved (and fat could be stored).

If paleo man woke up and had no food, then it would mean a day of hunting.  Energy would need to be available and exertion was expected.  Fat stores would be required to be broken down for fuel. 

Thanks Tarlach--that all makes a lot of sense to me.

Diet and nutrition / Re: Transitioning to a warrior/fast-5 type of diet...
« on: February 05, 2010, 06:22:15 PM »
Still, I feel a little light headed when I'm heading home from work. Not tired, just kind of... spacey.

This totally describes how I felt prior to eating today, in the later hours of my fasting period.  Definitely spacey--not bad, but totally light headed and spacey.

It's been my experience that very low carb(0-50grams) paleo is the best way to go depending on how much you exercise.

 ::)  I've certainly read that folks on VLC diets seem to find this kind of diet easier...I don't know that I'm ready to go there...yet... ;)(still a veggie and fruit loving woman...)

Tarlach, in the 'why you shouldn't eat breakfast' link, Ori talks about the fight or flight mechanism kicking in in the am if you've not eaten--I've always thought that stressful state was NOT good for us healthwise--do you have any more info on that or thoughts on it?  Maybe that's just CW talking in my mind...It makes sense that being more alert would be a *good* thing during the day, esp. when you're planning to go hunt, etc...

Thanks for all the links folks, I really appreciate it--keep your experiences and the great info coming!!!  ;D 

Diet and nutrition / Transitioning to a warrior/fast-5 type of diet...
« on: February 05, 2010, 03:46:41 PM »
I've been slowly transitioning to a daily fasting period of 16-19 hours a day, and an eating window of 5-8 hours a day (similar in ways to the warrior diet or fast-5 diet, but longer on the days I eat in an 8 hour period.)  I'm thinking of pushing it to a just 5 hour eating period for the long run, but am still in the transition/settling phase of this.

These past 2 days I've felt kind of tired and weak during the fasting period (morning until 2-3)--nothing terrible, but just not optimum.  And I've felt pretty hungry by noon until the end of my fasting period.  For those of you w/ experience w/ this, is this pretty typical of the transition to this kind of diet?  I've read so much about high energy levels on eating window/warrior type diets, so I was surprised to feel like this.  I've really just done this steadily (consecutive days) for 4 days now.

I eat a mostly paleo diet (I do eat some tubers, and peanuts on occasion, although I haven't had those this past week or so, and the last time I had anything tuberish was butternut squash last week...)  My carbs are typically in the 100-150 range, although lately they've been under 100 a lot more often.  (I've been eating my paleo-esque diet for a few months now, and have been gluten and dairy free for 2 years, so I know it's not the initial transition causing this.  I remember the 'low carb flu' from gluten withdrawl, and it was awful--what I'm feeling now is NOTHING in comparison...) 

I'm also pretty sure I'm getting enough calories (got 1500 two days ago, 2000 varies, but I feel like I'm totally getting enough, or more than enough.)  I'm 5'9 and nursing, with a pretty intense daily vinyasa yoga practice + 2 strength training workouts a week (all bodyweight stuff) if that makes any difference...

Would love to hear your thoughts on all of this!

Also, I'd LOVE more links on the health benefits of this kind of eating.  Besides the past couple of days, it's felt really good to me whenever I've IFd, and once I transition to this/get used to it and feel great doing it, it's something I think could really work for me.  (I've typically been a big eater at night--used to snack all day long as well, but really prefer to eat at night--I think I could totally do this fasting during the day and eat in the evening long term, esp. if it feels good to do so...)  I'd just love to be totally assured that it's really really good for me healthwise, you know?

Thanks for any info you have to share!!!  :)

Introductions / Re: Hey! :)
« on: February 04, 2010, 05:46:23 PM »
That's pretty much what Weston A Price concluded - that there's GENERAL stuff in common that makes for healthy diets, but you can come about it in a variety of different ways. Hell, some of his people he studied even ate grains!

I really like the breakdown of his research in The Garden of Eating, where they discuss the rates of tooth decay in the hunter/gatherer's vs. herdsmen/dairy eating folks vs. grain eating folks he studied.  It seemed the more grains a culture ate, the more tooth decay they had.  (Can't remember on the dairy though....)  Just found it very interesting and greatly in support of paleo eating...

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