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Miscellaneous / Re: eating when upset and stressed
« on: February 03, 2010, 06:13:14 PM »
Keep some 100% baking chocolate around.  If you're stressed enough to eat it straight, you probably need it.

Introductions / Re: Hey! :)
« on: February 03, 2010, 06:08:33 PM »
I'm dying to read _Neanderthin_, and have thought about reading _The Paleo Diet_, although Cordain's stance on fats makes me shudder (I'm all about the good fat!)

Cordain does provide more detail on the issues with legumes than most other sources, though I don't remember if it's all in his book.  Peanuts are a double whammy, with both problematic lectins in the protein and a very bad omega 3:6 ratio in the fat.

Edit:  I recommend watching the Taubes video discussed in this thread:

His book is also excellent, though heavy going.

Introductions / Re: I finally took the plunge
« on: February 03, 2010, 06:03:37 PM »

I decided to eat fully paleo for the next month. I highly doubt when that month is over I will go back, but the way my mind works, I needed to make a particular goal to jump in.

Good for you.  Going cold turkey on grains, dairy, and legumes really seems to be the only way to make it stick.

I lied a little.... I reserve the right to drink my daily 1-2 cups of coffee. My body may tell me to ditch it. I had my usual cup at work last night and my stomach got upset! :D... so I dumped the rest.

Caffeine doesn't seem to cause people to backslide on the other things, as long as it isn't mixed in with nonpaleo sugar or dairy.

Diet and nutrition / Re: Raw Carnivorous
« on: February 03, 2010, 05:45:47 PM »
Today ate cooked meat... If I eat cooked meat, I drink water with it, but I still feel like I need fruit with it or something... Maybe carrots/lettuce would do but I don't have any of that kind of stuff in my fridge atm. It was a whole  roast chicken cooked quite extensively on a spit though.

Probably insufficient fat to satisfy your body's caloric needs.  Chicken is relatively lean in the first place, and spit roasting will cause much of the fat to drain off.

As Paleo Dude says, the sickness issues are unlikely to be different for grass fed beef.  Salmonella and e. coli get on the beef from processing machinery - something our paleolithic ancestors didn't have to worry about - and that's true whether the beef is feedlot or grass fed.

The benefits of grass fed beef are better omega 3:6 ratios, which help with brain function.

Since the surface of the beef is what primarily gets contaminated, I consider searing the surface of steaks to be sufficient.  I like my steaks rare, which means sauteed on high heat for less than a minute per side.  I also rub the edges against the hot pan to kill bacteria there.  If I haven't had time to let the steaks come to room temperature first, I'll cook them a bit more; room temperature raw middles taste good but refrigerator temperature raw middles are yucky.

Ground (minced) beef I cook through, though if I'm hungry I'll sometimes pour the fat back over it.  Same with all pork and chicken.

Diet and nutrition / Re: Alcohol versus Food Addiction
« on: February 03, 2010, 05:29:35 PM »
I find it work to continuously make sure I have "my" food around.  My hubby cannot commit to this...he says there isn't enough variety and he doesn't like leftovers.  Whatever those are his excuses.  So I am the odd woman out in the cave and fend for myself :-)

Do you do the cooking for him?  I didn't tell my wife at first when I was cooking paleo meals - I just said "we're both having the same thing tonight".  Of course, she's not too picky about variety; she'd be happy to have prime rib every Saturday if we could afford it.

It's hard to undo all the brainwashing that I've had for the last 20 years. always thing you know better right?  I need to listen more :-)

The brainwashing thing is difficult.  When one hears something enough times from enough people, one tends to forget that they may all be getting their information from the same misinterpretation of some inconclusive data.  Reading Taubes really helped with this for me, since he really goes through the actual studies in detail.

Diet and nutrition / Re: Alcohol versus Food Addiction
« on: February 03, 2010, 05:23:03 PM »
And sugar.  That's one of the longest running debates that I have with my wife.  I eat for fuel and I enjoy the taste of food.  She eats for flavor and can't eat a chicken breast or pork chop without smothering it in some kind of sauce.  I even tried serving some paleo salsa with dinner and she always reaches for the A1 or the BBQ sauce.

My wife used to do that too - often with ketchup, which has a lot of sugar in it.  Now she's happy to eat steaks and roasts without sauce, but still puts worcestershire sauce on grass fed salisbury steaks.  At least worcestershire is mostly water and vinegar rather than mostly sugar.

On the plus side, she was in postpartum recovery today and very hungry due to lack of fat in the hospital food, so she tried a slice of cheesecake for the first time in more than a year - and found out to her surprise that it didn't taste very good.  I kind of suspected that might happen which is why I didn't object when she decided to have it.  Hopefully one of these days she'll forget the worcestershire sauce on the grass fed salisbury steak and find out she likes it better plain.

Congratulations!  I'll be interested to see what the MRIs show!

The thing is I was wondering if it was all too good to be true. I am not finding it difficult eating like this. I have come home diet wise - I am a natural carnivore.  A plate of meat and nothing else does not seem 'bad' to me, but people around me find it weird.

Yes, that was one of the adjustments I had to make.  It can't be healthy unless you're giving something up, right?  When I realized I was eating better on paleo than I ever had before, I had to give up that idea.

It really does make sense, though.  From an evolutionary standpoint, it only stands to reason that we would have evolved to enjoy a diet that was healthy for us.  Not everything enjoyable is healthy, but things that are truly healthy should be enjoyable.

Diet and nutrition / Re: I'm may give up on Ketosis....
« on: February 03, 2010, 08:22:20 AM »
Ketosis feels great except for the first time, it seems.  You've probably gone into ketosis before, and your body just handled the transition seamlessly.

Diet and nutrition / Re: Alcohol versus Food Addiction
« on: February 03, 2010, 08:18:24 AM »
yes this is what I meant...sorry should read sugar and sugar like substances or things that breakdown into sugar in your body....all of them weather is a piece of candy or a cracker....they all have sugar.

We're agreed as to what the issue is, then.  I think a better way of putting it is that "carbohydrates" are bad, rather than saying "sugar" - the latter leads to the misconception that bread is better than candy bars, which is not true.  "Carbohydrates" is more accurate as all carbohydrates break down into simple sugars before absorption into the blood stream.

True people wouldn't pour straight salt onto their tongues...but neither would they with sugar.

When people eat hard candy, they are putting straight sugar on their tongues.

Perhaps more significantly, a lot of people pour a lot of pretty straight sugar water into their gullets in the form of soft drinks.  The noncaffeinated drinks have almost nothing but sugar and water in them.

I realize this diet is about eliminating those things...but lots of us (me included) have a hard time eliminating sweet and salt completely!  Honey, fruit, carrots, etc all give you that sweet hit.  I realized now that I can't just have a bit of honey each day...I have to give it up totally or I just keep craving it more and more and wanting to treat myself more and more because I am working so hard to eat this way for myself..blah blah blah.

Why do you feel you have to work hard to eat paleo?  It really should be easy - if done right it tastes so much better than an agricultural diet.  What things do you consider to be 'work'?

Introductions / Re: Hi there! One week Paleo Down!
« on: February 03, 2010, 07:41:05 AM »
Welcome!  Food log looks good so far.

I second the suggestion for learning to stir fry vegetables.  Different vegetables need to cook for different lengths of time; for example, with bok choy, you sautee the stems for a minute or two before adding the leaves and stock and letting it steam for three minutes.  I use a Chinese cookbook to get the specifics for different vegetables.

Introductions / Re: Hello All, I Might Need A Little Help
« on: February 03, 2010, 07:32:00 AM »

So will this diet help me lose weight and gain muscle?

If you are overweight, yes it will.  You will need strictly to avoid any grains, legumes, and dairy, as well as candy bars and other packaged junk food.  Meat, eggs, vegetables, and fruit are fine, including fatty meat.  You'll need the fat to avoid excessive hunger.

To gain muscle, you'll need some resistance exercise too.

Good luck!

Introductions / Re: Hello
« on: February 03, 2010, 07:27:56 AM »
Sounds like a good diet for you!

Introductions / Re: Hi!
« on: February 02, 2010, 07:39:27 AM »
I know I need to eat more fats but I am too tired to think about what to eat so I just fix a chicken breast. I am also barely eating any vegetables.

A fatty hamburger or steak has to be as easy as a chicken breast.

You could also eat some fruit.

Good luck!

Food Journals / Re: Ace's Journal
« on: February 01, 2010, 03:38:22 PM »
I suggest you go cold turkey on the peanut butter.

I also think it would be worthwhile to differentiate better between paleo vegetables and nonpaleo vegetables.  For example, of the "chinese" vegetables in the package you mention, mushrooms are paleo, pea pods and corn are not, and water chestnuts are perhaps in a grey area.  Once you've got the lines clear in your mind, it may help to be able to have the paleo vegetables guilt free.

Have as much bacon as you like for now.  Eventually you may want to track down uncured bacon or even uncured unsalted pork belly, but for now, just remember that even regular bacon is a lot better than peanut butter, from a paleo standpoint.

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