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Introductions / Re: Greetings all. How do I break my aversion to fish?
« on: January 13, 2010, 03:40:15 PM »
Dietary long-chain n-3 fatty acids for the prevention of cancer: a review of potential mechanisms
Omega 3 (n-3) fats do seem to be the main benefit of fish oil.  They seem to be able to help brain function if you start with a deficiency; there's evidence for example that a proper omega 3:6 ratio helps alleviate depression.  However, grass fed and finished beef is also a good source of omega 3s; it's the corn fed feedlot beef that's less satisfactory in this regard.

I eat fish at least once a week.  The fact that most here also eat red meat isn't a prejudice; it's that some of the fish that are highest in omega 3s and lowest in mercury are seasonal, and now is not the best season for them.

Diet and nutrition / Re: Do we just need fat and protein for energy?
« on: January 13, 2010, 03:31:04 PM »
Just to be clear - the only part of your body that needs carbohydrates is the brain, and it needs glucose to survive. However, there's some process in which your body can convert stored fat into glucose. I can't recall the name of it

Gluconeogenesis is the process by which the liver converts protein to carbohydrate.  So from a food standpoint, to answer the original poster, protein and fat can provide all the calories you need.  The body does need certain things - vitamins, minerals, some specific amino acids and fats - for reasons other than energy.

I think the original poster's meal plan is not too terrible for someone starting paleo.  I agree bacon and tomatoes may be questionable, but it's much better than cereal for breakfast.

Soy lecithin gets into a lot of things, but tea?  Yes, that's weird.

Diet and nutrition / Re: cold turkey, no pun intended
« on: January 13, 2010, 07:45:58 AM »
Cold turkey is the way to go.  If you can get through that first week, the rest is easy.

If you try to "ease in", you're just putting off that difficult week; you're not avoiding it.  Most people who try to ease in never really manage to make the life style adjustment.

Try to have fruit and maybe cold meat around so when you get an urging for a slice of bread or a glass of milk, you can have some fruit or meat instead.

Diet and nutrition / Re: oh Cron o meter is a bit scary
« on: January 12, 2010, 08:29:17 PM »
Does anyone know a good ratio of protein/fat/carb on a daily basis? I put 40/40/20
How is that do you think?

A bit high on the protein, but in the range.  When you start going above 40% of calories from protein, there can be kidney issues.  I think I run around 25/60/15.

Introductions / Re: Newbie Hi!
« on: January 12, 2010, 04:10:40 PM »
I wouldn't worry too much about the fruit initially.  I ate quite a bit of fruit for my first year or so on paleo.  The transition to lower fruit and more fat was easier once I'd completely switched to thinking of bread as "not food".

So I'm going eat plenty of fruit esp. since my goal is more to feel better than to lose weight

I think that's a good idea.  A lot of us limit the fruit, but in your situation, it's probably better not to do that initially.  I would recommend sticking to whole fruit, and staying away from dried fruit or fruit juices.

Good luck!

Welcome, eLaurie.

My wife and I both used to have common migraines ("migraines without aura").  I've once had a migraine with an aura, as diagnosed by a neurologist.  I've known several people who have suffered from various kinds of depression.  None of these is a perfect match for your situation, but perhaps some of what I've learned can help.

I don't think common migraines are related to migraines with auras (basilar migraines are a subset of migraines with auras), and neither did the neurologist I saw for my migraine with aura.  That said, if we're wrong, the paleo diet may help.  My wife and I used to get common migraines every week or two, and since going paleo, neither of us have had one at all.  We do still have very occasional mild headaches, but nothing like the migraines.  Again, this may not apply to your situation because it's not the kind of migraine you have.

I was once diagnosed with a migraine with aura, which was very different from a common migraine - no pain, but other scary symptoms, like my brain mostly shutting down for a few minutes.  This is more closely related to what you have.  In my opinion, this migraine was the same thing as a embolic ischemic TIA (transient ischemic attack) or "microstroke", which are caused by blockage of a small brain artery by a clot from elsewhere in the body - though the neurologist did not agree.  Nonetheless, I took measures to reduce my stroke risk - primarily by reducing my blood pressure through exercise, reduction of salt, and more recently, the paleo diet - and the event has not occurred.

That might be more closely related to your situation.  If so, the paleo diet may help some, since it tends to reduce blood pressure, especially if your blood pressure is high.  That said, I'd guess that persistent events of this type, such as you have, might be more likely to be thrombotic - having to do with localized blood vessel narrowing - than embolic, if there's really a difference, and that might not be helped as much by the paleo diet.  Still, you might get some relief; there's some indication that completely removing grains and legumes, with their associated lectins, from the diet can reduce the conversion of fatty arterial deposits to plaque - the cause of thrombosis - which could at least inhibit progression of the problem.

On the issue of depression, I would be considerably more optimistic, though you might have to be a little picky about some of your paleo foods.  There are pretty strong indications that lack of omega 3 fatty acids and too low an omega 3:6 ratio is a factor in causing most kinds of depression.  By cutting out foods that are high in omega 6s - mainly vegetable oils, but also grain fed dairy - the paleo diet tends to help with this.

The improvement in omega 3 intake and omega 3:6 ratio is especially good if you eat fats from pastured animals.  If you have eggs in your diet, I strongly recommend switching to pastured or omega 3 eggs - they're more expensive than regular eggs, but still not that expensive as things go.  Fatty fish, such as sardines, herring, and wild salmon, are also an excellent source of omega 3s when eaten with the skin on.  If you eat beef, you may want to try to get grass fed beef, which is also very good.  Pork is reasonable; regular beef is not too bad, but in your situation, I'd really go for grass fed beef if I could get it.

Most important is to stick to fresh whole fruit, meat, and vegetables, and stay completely away from the grains, legumes, dairy products, and processed foods like vegetable oils.

Diet and nutrition / Re: Weight loss went haywire?
« on: January 12, 2010, 03:04:47 PM »
If we're talking super strict, though, does amount matter? I mean, I imagine if I pounded down 10 apples in one sitting, it wouldn't be exactly paleo, would it?

Amount doesn't matter.  If you're hungry enough to eat 10 apples in one sitting, go for it.

I can do that. I decided to keep a food log and it appears that today, minus the yogurt in the morning, I'm lined up to hit that mark. I'm assuming eggs and bacon fat is fine? I'll probably switch the latter to lard anyway.

Eggs would be fine, though I wouldn't eat 10 of them in one sitting unless they're pastured omega 3 eggs.  Frying in bacon fat would I think be fine; I doubt there's enough salt to matter.  The yogurt would not be included for these two weeks, but I think you've figured that out.

Diet and nutrition / Re: If I eat this and repeat, will it work?
« on: January 12, 2010, 01:59:45 PM »
Will this way of eating make me loose body fat?

If all you eat are the things you posted, you will lose body fat.  You probably wouldn't even need to exercise, though some exercise is good for other reasons.

Miscellaneous / Re: Smite!? Smite you!
« on: January 12, 2010, 01:45:36 PM »
You know the posts that go:

Quote from: pseudopaleo newbie
I'm almost completely paleo, except for minor unimportant things like milk and cereal every morning and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for snacks and lunch each day.  Why can't I lose weight?  Almost all my other meals are paleo, except when I'm hungry and throw a TV dinner in the oven.  It's always a Weight Watchers dinner with healthy beans and rice, so I know that's not it!"

I get smited every time I see a post like that, because I can't resist responding.

Food Journals / Re: Renta's Roasts and other refreshments.
« on: January 12, 2010, 01:19:47 PM »
That diet looks pretty paleo to me!

Diet and nutrition / Re: Weight loss went haywire?
« on: January 12, 2010, 01:16:18 PM »
I know my weight went up because I was eating like crap for a chunk in there, but why isn't it going back down like it did? Any advice?

Do you have control over your grocery shopping?  If so, my advice is to go seriously strictly paleo for at least two weeks.  Meat, fruit, vegetables, and water only - no grains, dairy, or legumes at all, but also no nuts, sunflower seeds, honey, etc. for that two weeks.

Just try it for two weeks.  See what happens.  But be strict - none of this "close enough for government work" stuff!


My question is this - I am currently within a 'healthy' body weight by medical standards. I am 5'5" and 140 lbs. But I am wanting to lose about 10 lbs at LEAST to get in a comfortable place and feel good about myself again. Can I lose weight on this diet even though I'm not overweight?

If the extra weight is fat, you can lose it.  You may have to limit your intake of carbohydrates even from paleo sources to lose the last ten pounds.  Thus, instead of limiting yourself to fresh meat, fruit, and vegetables, you might need to limit yourself to fresh meat and vegetables, with only a little fruit.

In my case - male 5'11" with light frame - with plenty of fruit I stabilize at 145 lb, and with minimal fruit at about 138 lb.

Diet and nutrition / Re: What are your thoughts on Cold Cuts?
« on: January 11, 2010, 10:29:20 PM »
Of cold cuts, roast beef is generally still paleo; at most there will be some salt with the spices on the edges.

Turkey may be fine too.  If it has a texture like what you get at Thanksgiving, it's probably paleo.  If it's smoother, it probably has nonpaleo ingredients like sugar or preservatives.  Ham also tends to have sugar and preservatives.

That said, even nonpaleo cold cuts are better than bread from the paleo standpoint.

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