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Was wondering if there was a live chat to these forums, if not, may i suggest a channel? it's free and simple ^^ also it would be nice to be able to talk lively to other paelo-dieters. ;D

Food Journals / Starting date 28/6/2012
« on: June 28, 2012, 02:49:08 AM »
So i'm officially starting today, yesterday i loaded up on some foods. salmon roe, proscuitto, salami, brie cheese, some meat, but as you can guess, there was so much water, i retained today, but i'm gonna count it as my starting weight anyway.

Starting weight : 59 kilos
off target: 6 kilos

Today's menu : (in random order)

- Roasted goat lungs/kidneys/some liver/heart in home made milk butter (just drizzles like i would drizzle olive oil)
- Roe in beeswax (didn't eat the beeswax)

The calories are nearly 2000 and i'm pretty stuffed but not "omg i can't move" stuffed, the carbs seem to counted up to around 20-30.

Day's mistake: had some cola zero, i ran out of sparkling water and the store hadn't brought any yet, i'm addicted to the bubbly texture, not the taste of cola or anything. I got no fiber-worthy foods, but so far BM are happening due to the oil/fats from yesterday. 

Introductions / Hey Everyone, planning to start next week
« on: June 19, 2012, 06:18:15 PM »
I'm currently on a High carb-low fat diet, for the past 3 months, i'm not happy with it, although i haven't really gained, the sear amount of food and the crashes of not eating is quite... blieh...

So i'm waiting till everything is gone in the house, i'm not financially comfortable and i can't chuck my current food and swap to a new diet.

How do you guys think i should start? directly from high carb to low carb? or do a fasting in between to allow transition better?

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