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Workout Journals / Re: Workout plan (kanye west reference)
« on: April 26, 2010, 08:21:57 AM »
Don't know what I was thinking a few weeks ago eating rice cakes and fruit biscuits, thinking that it was healthy - complete denial.

Anyhow, I have totally changed my training program at the gym now trying to do more tricep, lats and deltoid exercises I am pretty content with my biceps and I think the reason why they're not showing to be massive is because I have unproportional muscular physique, not in any extreme only noticeable to me. BUt still, something I want to change. I have also started swimming in the pool again, that should be good for the shoulders and lungs as my joints can't take the treadmill anymore, I should be happy but I got to my peak on the treadmill at the speed 23.00 kilometres an hour and maintaining that for a minute and 30 seconds and after I almost want to vomit and feels like my heart is going to explode.

 But now I think I'll focus now on the abovementioned muscles combine with swimming and maybe the cross trainer and hopefully in 3 months time I may change up the cycle again. Lastly, I'm doing less wieghts with slower reps and movement now rather heavy weights and swinging them up and down thinking I can lift heavy when in reality I can't because I'm using my legs or other muscles to lift it.

Food Journals / Re: Food journal of Garrolous
« on: April 26, 2010, 08:02:01 AM »
It is without question, preheating the pan is absolutely essential or otherwise you can screw up your steak and may even get sick. Usually I give the pan 3 minutes or so, I generally just know through experience, when I first cooked a steak I remmember throwing it on the pan without it heating it up and my brother slapped me over the head! Something you will never forget. I also preheat the pan for all other foods as well, bacon, eggs, fish, in fact I don't know one thing you could cook on the pan without it being on high.  

Digressing aside, UPDATE: I've been eating eggs almost everyday now with some steak for breakfast, on days I don't I'll just have an apple and some coffee with turkey on some salad. I sometimes improvise now with my snacks, I may get some wholemeal crackers and put turkey on them with cheese although I know crackers are not paleo. I have given up the rice as well, I've lost like 3 kilos in 2 weeks and I've barely been doing much cardio. I cannot give up yoghurt though, I love that stuff its the best dessert beats sesame seed biscuits which I think I was referred to by a member on here, the sesame bars were filled with sugar, and pork rinds are just as bad I had like one of them and had to drink a galleon of water because of the salt content.

I am having probably 2 protien shakes a week - granted if I can actually digest them, I hate protien shakes they taste like a week old milk with rotten eggs mixed into it. (watching too much Man vs Wild) .

Also I ended up placing all the meat, and fish in the freezer not by choice, as my dad only likes to go shopping for meat and stuff every 2 weeks, but everyweek I shop for clean salads and fruit as they go off reasonably fast. I bought some glad wrap snappy bags for the steaks, salmon and barramundi so they don't stick together and then have to eat 3 at once. Cooking seems to be less of a hassle and way easier now that I have seperated them. Before I usually had to wait until someone was home who also was hungry otherwise I would be wasting food, I know this sounds like common sense - seperate the food in the freezer, but to me it was a skill I had to learn. 

Food Journals / Re: Food journal of Garrolous
« on: April 10, 2010, 07:43:07 PM »
Hmm, well with all comments taken into consideration I will just buy 2 or 3 steaks a week and leave them in the fridge avoiding freezing and or having to defrost them for days in the fridge.

RE: Sassenech, - Yes that would be awesome if you could cook for me :D, lol in all seriousness though I think buying a basic cook book and basic I mean 3 ingredients in the recipe I can start off small and work my way up, I have to admit I have high respect for all chefs and how cool it would be as a job cooking food, ironically some chefs buy takeaway food for their meals because they have cooked all day for work and the last thing they want to do when they get home is do more. I believe that being able to cook is not only good as in you will never go hungry again but it has its added bonuses with the opposite sex.

Also my mum is a great cook, my grandmother is a great cook, my other grandma "mummu" which is Finnish was a good cook but all she knew was how to make danish pastries and all the sugary junk those Scandinavians cook. My dad is a terrible cook and he knows nothing of kitchen hygiene, he can only make toast and I'm not joking, no wonder my mum divorced him. I live with my dad, which I guess is a good thing so I don't have anyone to depend on anyone but myself for a meal, but I love it when I visit my mum it's like I get fed soooo much food I almost blow up.

Food Journals / Re: Food journal of Garrolous
« on: April 09, 2010, 09:53:08 PM »
Other than drying the meat, does the microwave have any other cons? I guess microwave isn't exactly paleo, but niether is an oven or hot plates, it would almost be absurd to light a fire in your backyard in order to eat something though. Just my thought :D

Food Journals / Re: Food journal of Garrolous
« on: April 09, 2010, 06:03:35 AM »
I like eating my steak rare, blood inside makes it more succulent, obviously I cook it more than 10 minutes, it just makes it sound easier lol. I defrost for about 7 mins in the microwave and make sure it sizzles in the pan, it has to be full heat and so you hear it just like shhhhhh when it hits the pan for about 7 mins each side I guess, usually one side is more cooked than the other because I'm too busy watching T.V. I will try that recipe next time although it will have to wait till I go shopping next, I just went shopping today and it was like $120 for a small top op of vegies and condiments and some nuts.

Food Journals / Re: Food journal of Garrolous
« on: April 08, 2010, 07:24:25 PM »
So true man,

Well I've been cooking the steak and fish regularly and its awesome, I love cooking, and it only takes like 10 mins or so to make a meal that lasts for like 4 hours. Last year I was abit stupid over reacting about the cooking lengths don't know what I was thinking, so simple yet awesome. I'm still having a bit of soy sauce with steak though otherwise it will taste like cardboard. With my fish I have a bit of ginger added to it as well.

Food Journals / Re: Food journal of Garrolous
« on: April 06, 2010, 05:40:20 AM »
I have been on the 100percent paleo diet before, for about 3 months I was on it, it was really hard to cook every meal of the day, so I gave up.

However, my goal is to be 90 percent paleo, which means I have a few discrepancies in my diet such as fruit cracker or whatever. I appreciate the feedback and I will no longer buy rice cakes, and limit my yoghurt intake, I do notice I get skin lesions randomely when I have heaps of yoghurt. Maybe 2 tubs a week? Otherwise I am not having any calcium because I don't eat cheese or drink milk so yoghurt seems to be the only form. Fruit biscuits I will keep and I only eat like 1 small one they are very thin and don't taste too good it's like a savory biscuit that's chewy. Now that I'm cooking heaps more steak I won't be having beans anymore or not as much, but surely once a week shouldn't be an issue? Personal trainers at the gym have always sworn by baked beans, is it a myth it burns fat?

Workout Journals / Re: Workout plan (kanye west reference)
« on: April 05, 2010, 07:17:39 PM »
See my food journal for what I eat, apparently I have to stop eating rice cakes! Also, one of my personal trainers says that it's good to have a cheat meal like a burger and some fries once a week, he said it's good for the body and mind. Is this true or absolute garbage?

Food Journals / Re: Food journal of Garrolous
« on: April 05, 2010, 07:15:12 PM »
Damn I love my rice cakes, are they really fattening? I thought it was a great substitute for other crackers which have a lot more salt or fats. Giving up rice cakes won't be easy!

Food Journals / Re: Food journal of Garrolous
« on: April 05, 2010, 07:37:35 AM »
Update for my foods:

I will not go into any specifics of my daily food routine as its irregular and inconsistent because some days I will sleep in for breakfast and straight to lunch, or wake up early and not really have dinner (rarely happens, I'm nocturnal mainly).

I eat

Baked beans - non paleo
Apples (have about 2 a day)
Yoghurt tub 1 a day (yoplait lite) - Non paleo
Rump steak every 2 days served with 2 or 3 eggs, I use garlic and soy sauce for a succulent taste (non paleo)
Rice cakes with tuna cans or steamed rice and corn, carrots served with tuna.
Steamed vegies big servings of broccoli, beans(non paleo), and carrots.
Turkey 70 grams a day
Baby rocket lettuce
Cucumber - every now and then I find it hard to digest
Celery - same as above
Strawberries, blueberries and rasberries mixed with my yoghurt
Coffee - 1 teaspoon a day
Approx a litre and a half a day give or take, mind you heaps of water content is in fruit.
Atlantic salmon twice a week.
Beef stew twice a week.
Fruit biscuits which are not that sugary but sugary enough to keep the insulin levels at bay.

So, with all this in consideration should I drop how much fruit I have in my diet as previously mentioned it could make me gain weight, but what would I replace it with? More tasteless vegies? HELP me please.

Workout Journals / Re: Workout plan (kanye west reference)
« on: April 05, 2010, 07:12:21 AM »
Update time;

I regretfully inform all of you that I have been inactive fitness wise for the last 2 weeks, particular cardio orientated exercises have dropped significantly. Much to my despair I could not run for that period as

A) had shin splints and
B) Got another flu/virus, I had one like a month previously so annoyed at that.

I am making up for it by buying a new pair of joggers as I have been running in canvas slip ons (i know terrible), and I want to start to flood my body with vitamin c, that is oranges and lemons, I heard sprinkling a bit of lemon in some boiling water is good for the initial hydration and pickup first thing in the morning. I guess tomato's are also good but I do not want to endorse a nightshade plant on the paleo forum.

I don't know if this is true or not but they say people who have a low body fat content tend to get sick a lot, I'm not saying I'm ripped or anything or have a low body fat just out of curiosity I ask this.

Lastly, have been increasing the weights, what I used to think was impossible is now becoming more and more possible, it's really trippy picking up weights you would never think to be able to lift just curling in your hands.  AND, any tips on how to get awesome crazy celebrity washboard abs would be most appreciated!!

Workout Journals / Re: Wlfdg journal
« on: April 05, 2010, 07:00:19 AM »
Your a mad "C yoU Next Tuesday" - it's like I haven't read your thread in awhile and your still doing the same shittake mushrooms, I must say I'm impressed and know noone who does as much exercise as you, but then again most people I know live in the city and ecstasy + weekend trysts takes precedence over running up mountains.

However, I digress and strive to be like you in that regard, I am on the treadmill at the highest speed which is 23km an hour, not really that high if you ask me, but I can maintain this pace for about a minute and 30 - a significant improvement from only able to probably do 30 seconds sprint 2 months ago, but I have setbacks I get shin splints and seem to get every virus/flu monthly that makes me inactive for about a week. But when I'm running or cycling the thing that motivates me is life or death, or pretending I'm chasing after someone visa versa. I'm just curious, what gets you motivated to run up these mountains?

Workout Journals / Re: Workout plan (kanye west reference)
« on: March 18, 2010, 07:03:28 AM »

Been doing the clean and presses about twice and week and man, you never think that little bit of weights can smash your body so hard. I had one of the trainers to help me with the proper technique as I was bending my back a little like hunch back, now its straight but damn still, I don't know how such a small little exercise like that can do so much. It's probably because its working muscles I haven't really done. Anyway wldfg I hand you my credit of appreciation. Seems like all the other little pissy exercises I did are nothing in comparison.

Also I am having more breaks now within my days at the gym, I've been seeing muscle development in just 2 weeks, very small though, wheels turn slowly.

Workout Journals / Re: Workout plan (kanye west reference)
« on: March 08, 2010, 04:30:27 AM »
I did it today, very simple and easy exercise I started off with only 20kg, 10 kg barbell with 5kg plates on each side. I will do this twice a week, I did about 2 sets of 10 reps. My back was feeling a lot of the exercise though is this normal? Thanks for that clip though, I find its much easier to see visual examples on how the exercises are carried out rather then reading it.

Progress Reports & Photos / Re: Please post photos of progress here
« on: March 07, 2010, 05:39:27 PM »
Good work dingo, you have now only reinforced that I must slave away in the gym for a good few months before I can sit back and watch myself in the mirror. Last 4 days I have been eating a chocolate bar everyday (everything else has been healthy e.g. fruit, tuna, salads, I just had one meal in the day to cheat - first time I've done that in like 3 months though. Fun while it lasted, can't be insane with diet all the time.

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