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Food Journals / Re: Food journal of Garrolous
« on: January 23, 2010, 11:39:48 PM »
That actually makes a lot sense, I gots to try it, after tomorow night though I'm going to have a few beers and chips while watching the final episode of conan O brien, will be a very moving night for me. In Australia his 2nd last show finished on a Friday (A 24 hour delay from USA to AUS) so we had to wait this weekend, I'm sure all of you in America have seen it.

Food Journals / Re: Food journal of Garrolous
« on: January 23, 2010, 05:11:18 AM »
My mistake, it sounded like I was being boxed in, but I still stick by my previous comment I just simply cannot do it 100 percent anymore. The back on track term may have been misinterpreted, I meant to say a few weeks ago after I had my operation I was eating biscuits a lot, barely having any fruits or vegetables etc. because I couldn't exercise or do anything I was home bound eating pain killers/opiates like candy so I got depressed so finally I am back at work and doing exercise and I feel ****ing phenomenal. 90 percent of the bad foods have gone, I even had fried food for the first time in a year couple of weeks ago, so comparing what I'm eating now to then big transition.

Food Journals / Re: Food journal of Garrolous
« on: January 23, 2010, 04:02:59 AM »
Look guys I'm being honest, if I can't tell you, who can I tell. I think I have come to the realization I will never be 100% paleolithic, simply because of it's inconvenience to eat it all the time and the over hanging guilt for having the occasional bowl of cereal or few spoonfuls of rice. I'm sorry I just can't do it, but with my experience with this, I have definitely incorporated a lot more fruits and vegetables and meats in my diet beginning this paleo diet so I'm happy I was on the trail and have learned the ups and downs of it. Me being a lazy uni student who works at a bar hardly wants to cook 3-4 times a day, and I know about the stock pot but having lived with someone who keeps off meats and food in the fridge that stuff scars you psychologically for life.

I want to continue to post my foods that I'm eating and updating but I guess if it is no longer in the paleo way of life, I may have to discontinue posting altogether because I will be swaying others and nobody should be following my example... but on that note I give credit to those who have the time, money and patience with this. Maybe when I'm more mature and older I may understand this also but right now I have alot more things going on in my life I don't need to be micro scrutinizing everything I put in my mouth I have enough stress.

Food Journals / Re: Food journal of Garrolous
« on: January 22, 2010, 11:27:34 PM »
I'm back on track nowadays. For dinner I usually eat rice and tuna, or some steak and eggs. For desert I have yoghurt, blueberries, rasberries, strawberries and grapes - I know yoghurt isn't really paleo but it doesn't explicitly state against this, so I'm creating my own loophole.

Salads for lunch heaps of turkey and roast beef (I love turkey the best), salads are usually spinach, baby rocket, mushrooms, cucumber, tomato, onions, jalipinos or chilli, carrot, alfalfa and a bit of honey mustard sauce - otherwise it tastes bad.

I am drinking water, orange mango cordial (love that stuff) and started drinking coffee in the morning ever since I have done this I am way more alert in the day and have way more energy. I'm going to start eating salmon and barrumundi again though, I haven't eaten that in ages!

I still have the few cookies every week (probably 4), but I always say to myself I will work harder at the gym so, it doesnt really matter too much. For breakfast I usually have eggs, apple and a cup of coffee. I can't lie I still have a piece of bread every now and then! But yes I feel much better now I have incorporated alot more cardio and less wieghts.

Workout Journals / Re: Workout plan (kanye west reference)
« on: January 22, 2010, 11:20:36 PM »
Okay so I am back to full motion of my body in regard to weights and other, I have decided to just do chinups, dips, pullups, pushups and ab crunches - with very minimal wieght lifting. My whole training program has been 80 percent cardio and I am feeling like x100000 times better, my serotonin has just gone through the roof tantamount to being injected cocaine in my heart.

I go full speed on the treadmill at 20.00 or whatever speed that is (I'm basically sprinting as hard as I can) for about 30-40 seconds or until my heart feels like its going to explode out of my chest, I then rest for about a minute with my hands above my head breathing heavily and repeat this 3 times. I then have a 5 minute break wash my face with water get my breath back. I then do this 2 more times and rest/stretch down and yea seriously you have no idea how much better I have been feeling, I am never x countrying again - I never felt this good and I was always fatigued!!!!! Apparently the military train the same way with their sprints HIIT or whatever its called.

Hope this helps

Progress Reports & Photos / Re: Please post photos of progress here
« on: January 08, 2010, 03:42:08 PM »
Its good to know I am not the only one who struggles with consistency. I guess it all wieghs up on how much I work out - the stuff I eat.

Progress Reports & Photos / Re: Please post photos of progress here
« on: January 07, 2010, 01:14:34 AM »
Now that the picture of me being a pork rinder is up, it will motivate me more in the gym, healthy embarrassment is key !!

I will post another update in about a months time and you will see a big difference (hopefully). I actually hope to look like Tarlach one day.

Food Journals / Re: Food journal of Garrolous
« on: December 30, 2009, 12:18:22 AM »
I cooked up a massive steak today with eggs on the side and 3 hours later at the gym I could still feel it in my stomach, awesome feeling. Not so much for when I did crunches though lol

- I am going to try cook more now that I am feeling much better and almost 100 percent its not even that long. Cheers for your feedback though !

Workout Journals / Re: Workout plan (kanye west reference)
« on: December 28, 2009, 09:08:24 PM »
Well, it sure felt like that, I was lifting 10 rep per 10 second they were so light.... and it was very boring. Hope this helps  ;)

Food Journals / Re: Food journal of Garrolous
« on: December 28, 2009, 06:04:03 AM »
Australia gets lamb but who has the time to sate' that beast!

Breakfast: Apple, ruski tea (my fav) and baked beans.

Lunch: Rice, carrot, broccoli, peas, string beans and tuna.

Afternoon tea: Bagel (whoops I shouldn't have said that) with cream cheese and more tea.

Dinner: Turkey with a side of spinach, baby rocket, tomato and cucumber.

As you can see, this isn't exactly paleo, but I am trying to get bread slowly out of my diet because if I do it too fast I will start craving for other foods (bad ones).

Is it possible I can just have maybe 1 slice of bread everyday or something? Or is it bad altogether, because I find if I have a little bit of bread its good and helps suppress cravings for sweets and other things, also I am fatigued without it.

Workout Journals / Re: Workout plan (kanye west reference)
« on: December 28, 2009, 05:55:22 AM »

2nd day back at the gym today, damn it felt good to be getting a sweat up again, I have been going real easy and slowly sliding back into where I left off.


Light stretching

50 crunches (roughly)

20 minutes on stationary bike with (2 minute break in between) @ 100rpm

100 reps of 5kg bicep curl (will increase probably 2.5 each week) - before operation I was curling 17.5kg each hand.

30 minutes on ski machine (5 min break in between) speed unknown, but I would say moderate speed.

Light stretching

50 crunches (roughly). - until failure

- The end

Very easy training sesh, but I want to keep it up and I feel everyday I can always do that little bit more!

Workout Journals / Re: Workout plan (kanye west reference)
« on: December 26, 2009, 03:44:15 PM »
1st day back at gym today, I will probably leave when I wake up a little bit more, I'm sort of anxious - 2 weeks feels like 2 years. I can only do bike machine though, but still, fun fun fun.

Workout Journals / Re: Workout plan (kanye west reference)
« on: December 23, 2009, 09:39:18 PM »
Never did weighted dips but could do way over 50 in a single sesh (without wieghts)

Squats I used a side on machine where you are sitting and pushing it out like you are against a wall, I have never been too big on my legs, except for running. I just don't have any real motivation doing them...

I do more endurance then actual lifting heavy, I like to be able to pull myself up and be heaps flexible with handstands, rolls and general flexibility, I feel if I give up on chinups and all of that and start to lift heavy I will become sluggish and slow.

I give it another week and I think I can start light cardio and more ab work, so maybe I will strip all my christmas fat off before I start wieghts, hopefully.

I'm starting to cook again! Had some fish this morning with vegies and been having fruit and nuts for snacks, my lunch was salads and turkey today, now its time to guzzle down a few litres of water.

Workout Journals / Re: Workout plan (kanye west reference)
« on: December 23, 2009, 01:01:02 PM »
Well, to be honest, When I was at the gym training really hard out doing 17kg dumbell bicep curls in each hand and lifting 40kg bench press, able to do umpteen amounts of chinups which I have calisus now have had it for almost a year, did a couple of exercises which were suggested and kept with the 5x5 rule (most of the time). Can do fair few of pushups, and I'm not seeing great results, maybe its my body type or something but I am almost giving up on wieght lifting and just going to work on my core, cardio and endurance.

Food Journals / Re: Food journal of Garrolous
« on: December 23, 2009, 12:57:24 PM »
Unfortunately there is a few paleo foods I cannot eat, simply because they're not in the grocery store, or in some flea markets where I would never shop. I have never heard of pastured eggs before, or grassfed tallow.  ???

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