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Introductions / Re: Hello from Philadelphia
« Last post by Warren Dew on April 24, 2015, 10:56:12 AM »
Introductions / Hello from Philadelphia
« Last post by Joshvogel on April 24, 2015, 07:55:24 AM »
Hello everyone,

 My name is Josh, I'm a Brazilian Jiujitsu teacher in Philadelphia. Look forward to participating in the forums!
Diet and nutrition / Always hungry
« Last post by Curley98 on April 23, 2015, 10:19:30 AM »
Anyone have any ideas for food that will keep me full for longer?
Thanks for replying. Just so you know though I'm not having trouble getting pregnant. The doctor said I'm perfectly capable of having a baby now if I want. However I think it's a smart idea to try and lose a little more weight before I carry a child :) and due to the fact that we are moving on Saturday there will be barely anything to throw out lol. Haven't food shopped in a week cause of the packing and didn't want to waste food. Last time I tried paleo I lost over 10lbs the first month. I'd be happy with that again and at least I'd have a heathlier relationship with food when I get pregnant :)
Diet and nutrition / Re: I am wondering if Pescetarians...
« Last post by Warren Dew on April 22, 2015, 12:48:59 PM »
Pescetarian is fine.  At most, you might want to try to get the fish types with lower mercury content.
Introductions / Re: 3 years post gastric bypass. Decided paleo will help :)
« Last post by Warren Dew on April 22, 2015, 12:43:33 PM »

For what it's worth, my wife and I started paleo in 2008, shortly after the birth of our first child.  That child was the result of a four year struggle with infertility, including 4 IVF cycles.

Then two years later, not bothering with the natural method since we thought it didn't work for us, we had another child on the first IVF cycle try; it's very likely that we could have had that child naturally had we tried that.  And two years after that, we decided to try naturally for a third child, and that did work within the normal time of a few months.  Paleo put my wife's endometriosis into remission, and apparently did the same to her infertility.

Don't forget to throw out the nonpaleo food when you stock up on the paleo food.
Hi all! My name is Laurel. I'm from Massachusetts. I've had 2 weight loss surgeries. Lap band  and 2009 and revision to gastric bypass in 2012. The bypass was definitely just a tool. I did lose 50lbs but have struggled the last 1 1/2 years to lose anymore. I am still considered obese. I hate the way I look. I'm embarrassed. Food addiction doesn't care if you've had surgery or not lol. I have tried Paleo before so I know it works. I am going to retry it now that I have a support forum to go to :) I am weaning into it as we are moving on Saturday. As soon as the new fridge is plugged in I will be stocking it with healthy paleo food! Very excited to start this journey. We want to try and get pregnant in the next few months so any pounds lost would help :) hope to talk to some other people on here who have struggled like me and had success. Glad I found this site :) and yes many think the bypass is an easy fix but I can assure you it's not. Not every patient loses all their weight immediately. Hence my 2 year struggle. Just a tool. I plan to start using it again :)
Diet and nutrition / I am wondering if Pescetarians...
« Last post by dieseldiet on April 20, 2015, 02:06:17 PM »
Hi, so few years ago I use to practice crossfit, I was also trying to be a vegetarian but the instructor let me know the problem with vegetarian diet and the lack of amino acid vegan/vegetarians have to deal with.

As years passed, I have become very fond of seafood and I don't really care for other type of meats. I am wondering if the paleo community views pescetarian diet flawed since pescetarians also do not eat any type of meats other than sea food. So it got me curious to know if I am missing something from not eating other type of meats?   
Diet and nutrition / Re: Raw Animal Foods
« Last post by Matt Matters on April 19, 2015, 08:11:11 AM »
Yes its safe and healthy, I myself am 100% raw paleo.
Introductions / Re: Very new girl from London 100 lbs to lose.
« Last post by Warren Dew on April 17, 2015, 09:23:06 AM »

Don't worry about the lack of hunger - that just means you're burning body fat instead of food.  When you run out of body fat, you'll start getting hungry again.

Don't worry about ketosis, either.  Dietary ketosis is perfectly healthy.  The issue with diabetics is that they can inject too much insulin and lose their blood sugar faster than the body can adjust, but that doesn't happen from dietary ketosis.
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