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Diet and nutrition / Re: What are some recomended Prebiotics?
« Last post by Mr Pete on February 09, 2018, 04:23:25 AM »
I know about "probiotics", and I also naturally ferment a lot of foods. But I'm know nothing of "prebiotics".

I'd be grateful if anyone could recommend a good source of information on the topic (in addition to Eric's comment above).
Food Journals / Re: Getting started...
« Last post by Mr Pete on February 09, 2018, 04:10:25 AM »
Granola, eggs, salads, veg, etc today. Tonight saw me devour a delicious fish curry made by Mrs Pete.

I discovered a quality butter made from grass-fed cow's milk. Unfortunately it's from the other side of the planet (Ireland), so I'll continue to search for a suitable local alternative. I'll go to the local farmer's market tomorrow, and hopefully resist the incredibly tasty food & coffee there.

Alcohol fail - I had a couple of drinks after a tough day. On the positive, coffee withdrawal is abating. I'm drinking "Rooibos" - a caffeine-free tea from South Africa that as a good flavour. I also have a number of herbal teas at hand, as well as quality bone broths in the freezer which I heat up each morning and take to work in a thermal container each day.

I've increasingly noticed the importance of having quality snacks at hand - as I've been eating more regularly my metabolism is increasing. I therefore get hungry more often. I was therefore tempted to use drive-thru while on the road today. I was able to stop at a Japanese kiosk and get some salmon sashimi with grated carrot. Better than Maccas...

Perhaps I should eat more meat/fish/poultry; I have three boiled eggs a day, plus about 150-200g (about 5-7 ounces) of meat/fish/poultry, much of which is very lean. Overall I'm eating better than I ever have before, but I'm wondering if I should reduce fruit consumption in favour of protein and/or fat. Sleep is something I also need to work on; I normally awake naturally after about 5-6 hours of sleep, and while I know this isn't enough I don't understand why it's happening or how to resolve it.
Food Journals / Re: Getting started...
« Last post by Warren Dew on February 08, 2018, 08:11:55 PM »
Yeah, I've had nurses tell me that juice is the next worst thing to soft drinks - and they weren't even paleo.  Whole fruit is the way to go for fruit.

Things definitely taste sweeter once one quits eating refined carbs.  I can only suppose that the taste bulbs get burned out by a nonpaleo diet and are given a chance to grow back on paleo, or something.
Food Journals / Re: Getting started...
« Last post by Mr Pete on February 08, 2018, 03:37:37 AM »
Paleo granola, fruit, veg, and boiled eggs through the day. My attempt at paleo san choy bau tonight didn't work as planned - it's a hard one without soy sauce and oyster sauce. Still tasty, but not authentic.

I would probably commit murder for a coffee right now. This tells me it's been messing with me for too long.

I've noticed over the past few weeks that my tastes are changing - in particular, I can't handle the level of sweetness I used to enjoy (not that I ever had a particularly sweet tooth). I assume my tastes will "correct"  themselves once I'm completely off the excessive sugar, additives, etc that I've been used to for so long.
Recipes and meal photos / Re: Bone broth
« Last post by Mr Pete on February 07, 2018, 04:46:05 AM »
I've made many a batch of bone broth. It's excellent as a hot drink on its own, or as a base for soups, stews, etc. My beef-broth goulash should be listed as a wonder of the modern world...

I most often make chicken broth...

Get whatever chicken carcasses, wing tips, etc (chicken necks and feet are particularly good). When I cook chicken wings I reserve the wing tips for this. Save the carcass the next time you make a roast chicken. Alternately, use beef bones (add a pig foot for added gelatine). Heck, I've made this with pork ribs, with venison bones, with fish bones & heads (although you only want to simmer fish stock for 30 minutes tops) - heck, use whatever you like.

Roast dem bones if you like. Not necessary. But you get bonus points for roasting with a real wood fire...

Throw dem bones in a slow cooker or a pot. Add some chopped celery, carrot, onion, and a garlic bulb cut in half. Add whatever herbs/spices turn you on. Cover with water, and simmer for 24 hours. Keep an eye on the water level to ensure it's always covered.

If you want a more Asian flavour, add ginger, scallions (instead of other onion). Coriander, mint, star anise, etc can help too, depending on the flavour you're after. I've often added soy sauce and/or fish sauce in the past, but that's incompatible with a paleo diet.

If you want a more European flavour, add thyme, parsley, etc. Be creative - that's the fun bit.

Add chillies as you wish - they go with anything, after all (although my wife disagrees with this).

DO NOT skim the fat off. Read on and learn, my very young padawan...

Run it through a seive, then some cheesecloth (muslin) held in a second seive. Then you have two options:

1. Refrigerate it or freeze it or use it as is. Amazing, unctuous, gelatinous, etc. I adore this.
2. Refrigerate it until a fat layer forms on top. THEN skim off the fat, and store in the fridge. This fat is excellent for sautéing, stir-frying, or whatever you plan on doing with some good fat.

Food Journals / Re: Getting started...
« Last post by Mr Pete on February 07, 2018, 04:18:47 AM »
That's the thing... the wife isn't interested in trying paleo, except for the occasional meal. She's addicted to bread, pasta, muffins, chocolate, cake, jam sandwiches, ice cream, etc. I'm trying to convince her that that type of crap is poison for her and the kids (especially desserts and jam), but as she grew up on it she thinks it's okay. She has a massively sweet tooth which I regret the kids have inherited.

I'm guessing the trick is for me to lose a heap of weight and hopefully she'll see my point... and lose some herself (am I allowed to say that?).

Anyway... roast pork was delayed until tonight due to time constraints yesterday, so last night I had a beef rump steak. Today I again had paleo granola, mushroom/tomato/basil salad, leafy salad, and a peach with two pears. I had a 300mL (about 10oz) bottle of pure pomegranate juice, but realised that it contained 16.9g (0.59oz) of sugar, so I'll stick to eating fruit and drinking water in the future...

I've boiled eggs for tomorrow's meals at work; I'm hoping the protein will ward off hunger.

My second day without coffee. Now the whole family tells me I'm grumpy...

Now I'm off to find a decent way to replicate Asian flavours without soy sauce, oyster sauce, hoisin sauce, etc.
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