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Introductions / Re: New Grunt here!
« Last post by Warren Dew on March 23, 2014, 08:36:58 PM »

Paleo can be pretty restrictive as well, but you can get into it somewhat gradually if you want.  If you can give up your actual sugar in favor of fruit, that's a big step.  Just get coffee good enough to drink black - or drink tea, as Tama suggests, with no milk or sugar.
Introductions / Re: Newbie! ...and former Medifast user.
« Last post by Warren Dew on March 23, 2014, 08:33:48 PM »

Dairy is definitely not paleo, but many people consider full fat dairy to be "primal", which is closely related.  In addition, some paleo folks use clarified butter as a minor cheat.
Meta / Re: Paleo Diet Book recomendations.
« Last post by Warren Dew on March 23, 2014, 08:29:49 PM »
All you really need to know is to focus your eating on fresh whole meat, fruit, and vegetables.

That said, if you want books, I'd recommend tracking down a used version of Neanderthin.  You might also want to pick up a copy of Why We Get Fat.
Diet and nutrition / Re: Desperate Help Needed
« Last post by Warren Dew on March 23, 2014, 08:27:48 PM »
First off, what people call "skinny" these days is actually normal.  What people consider to be "normal" is actually a bit chubby.  I'm 5'10 and 138 lb, and it's a perfect weight for me.

The types of food in your diet are excellent.  The balance may not be so good.  The issue is that you are eating too much protein, and not enough fat.  See if you can find 70% lean, 30% fat beef mince.  With 500g of that, you won't need the chicken breasts, which have virtually no fat, and may be able to make the whole chicken last longer.

The extra fat - especially saturated fat such as from the beef mince - will help protect your skin as well.

The typical experience of people with rosacea who go paleo is that it gets a bit worse at first, but then goes away entirely after a couple of months.  Good luck!
Introductions / Re: New Grunt here!
« Last post by Tama on March 23, 2014, 06:41:07 AM »
Balance is what attracted me to Paleo, as well.

I'm toasting our start with a cup of green tea! 
Introductions / Newbie! ...and former Medifast user.
« Last post by Tama on March 23, 2014, 06:33:03 AM »
Hey y'all!  One Paleo day under my belt.   :)

A couple of years ago I made a half-hearted attempt at Paleo without doing much research on it.  Shortly thereafter I went to MediFast and lost 100 pounds...that was in 2012.  In 2013 I succeeded in gaining it ALL back.   :-[

While I enjoyed the fast weight loss on MF it was not sustainable for me and I realized I was missing out on the very things that I love like the eggs my free range chickens provide.  I grow a small 1000sf garden and hope to add more fruit to the figs and grapes (...actually the grapes are not looking so well!).  I also am lucky enough to have a Grade A goat dairy about 8 miles away (I live in the sticks) and I purchased a gallon of raw goat milk to make yogurt. 

...from what I've read the "dairy question" is a controversial subject, but I guess you know which camp I'm in!   ;D

EDITED:  If anyone can direct me to the correct area to change my time zone, I'd appreciate it.  Thx!
Meta / Paleo Diet Book recomendations.
« Last post by Guppyfry on March 23, 2014, 06:28:00 AM »
There are so many low-carb/Paleo type diet books out there, it is overwhelming!  For someone just getting started, which one or two books would you recommend and why?
Diet and nutrition / Desperate Help Needed
« Last post by Xagan on March 23, 2014, 06:27:34 AM »
Hi everyone,

I'm really sorry if this is a long first post, but I'm having a tough time and could really do with some advice. I'm 21 years old, and over the last few months I've developed rosacea, it progressively got worse as I continued to eat the diet I've been eating pretty much my whole life (sugary cereals like cheerios). Anyway, I've tried a hundred and one different things, and the only real improvement was when I changed my diet, which I've been doing for three weeks now. A rosacea expert instructed me that carbohydrates and sugar are the fuel that burn rosacea, and that I should eat a protein and fat diet, so that's what I've been doing. I've been eating the same stuff every day:

- Four boiled eggs in the morning
- A whole chicken
- 2 chicken breasts (400g)
- Sometimes I'll have another 500g of beef mince
- A small packet of asparagus tips
- And if I can squeeze it in in the evening, I've been having a plate full of salad greens and some vegetables
- Plus I've been drinking six 12oz glasses of bottled water a day

The problem is that, although my rosacea has improved, it's still present and is really bothering me, but the biggest problem is weight loss! I used to weigh just under 12 stone, now I weigh 10:5 stone! Literally everyone has commented, saying I'm too thin and that I need to gain weight, someone even said I look ill.

To be honest, I'm in a right state, I didn't go into work yesterday as I'm so self conscious of my rosacea, but especially my weight loss. I'm desperate to put on weight again, I hate being called skinny when just a short whlie ago I had quite a decent build.

Anyway, a friend of mine online who also has rosacea rccommened I buy The Wahls Protocol by Dr. Terry Wahls, because he said I should stick to a paleo diet and get my greens in. He said that it would be a good idea to follow her approach because it's anti-inflammotory, and that my diet should be sugar free, mostly carb free, dairy and gluten free.

Anyway, it's quite a big book and I'm going to get stuck into it. Today is my shopping day and I would just like some advice, I'm so desperate to gain weight, and also to improve my rosacea. On top of what I'm already eating, what else can I buy today to add to my diet? I want to go with this approach, and I'm going to put my all into it, I just don't have much knowledge on paleo yet.

Any advice would be hugely appreciated. Will going paleo help me? Is it possible for me to gain weight again eating this way, if so how do I do it? I'm going to do my online shop today for the coming week, so any suggestions for what I could buy would be great.

My rosacea and weight loss has really affected me, and I'm desperate to feel normal again.

Thank you,
Introductions / New Grunt here!
« Last post by Guppyfry on March 23, 2014, 06:23:55 AM »
Hi!  New to this forum, and here to gather info.  Big believer in low-carb eating, unfortunately, practicing it  and believing in it is two different things.  It's giving up all that sugar and coffee and convenience. :(

I have done Atkins in the past, and lost a lot of weight easily. Of course, over the years, it came back, and then some.  I keep thinking I'll just do the Atkins thing and loose the weight again, but just can't get started, the restrictiveness of the diet is a challenge.  Really like what I hear about Paleo, seems more balanced and common sense. I'd love to learn more, so I'm here to read and ask questions. Nice to meet you all. :)
Introductions / Re: My 9 yr old son has epilepsy.
« Last post by Pez on March 22, 2014, 08:03:22 PM »
Hi Mark,

I'm sorry to hear about your son.  It is always saddening when a child develops something so serious.

Unfortunately, I do not know any humans who suffer from epilepsy.  On a whim, I did some checking on people who are epileptic and on Paleo...  Some interesting things.  I know Paleo isn't easy for children, and even harder since he's so far from you to help and support him, but if oyu haven't read any of these, maybe you should.

From Marks Daily Apple - story of man who has had seizures for 28 years and paleo is helping
From The Paleo Diet - Dr. Cordain's statement that would only have benefits to someone suffering from epilepsy
From Paleo Hacks - a 22 yr old woman saying that Paleo "cured" her

The National Institute of Health has stated the gluten-free diets have shown to help people with epilepsy.  Perhaps something like this could help him.  I have no idea what side effects he suffers from, but I'm sure he hates them.
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