Author Topic: Keto Breakfast Tea recipe  (Read 2311 times)

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Keto Breakfast Tea recipe
« on: November 13, 2016, 03:52:18 AM »

    16 ounces water
    2 tea bags
    1 tablespoon ghee
    1 tablespoon coconut oil
    1⁄2 teaspoon vanilla extract
    no carb artificial sweetener, I use Table Top Just Like Sugar (all natural, no carbs)


    Make the tea, set aside.
    Melt the ghee in a different container (I use a magic bullet so I just add the ghee to that cup and microwave it).
    Add coconut oil and vanilla to the melted ghee.
    Pour tea from mug into the magic bullet cup. Screw bottom on and blend until mixed thoroughly.