Author Topic: Paleo Diet Saturday Lunch Meat and Sea Food Feast  (Read 2577 times)

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Paleo Diet Saturday Lunch Meat and Sea Food Feast
« on: March 02, 2011, 03:44:54 AM »
I went marketing Saturday morning. This lunch fiesta offering is a result of this morning’s marketing. This is a trying to be healthy paleo diet / raw paleo diet lunch only broken by organic white rice since everyone else in the table needs eat to rice (except me). You can see a plethora of dishes, I know too many stuff going on… but they are lightly cooked so should be easy to digest for everyone.

Kept for myself some raw beef and raw bone marrow. I was thinking of eating that onion with it but at this meal I was able only to eat the bone marrow plus the raw fishes and some garlic.

A raw fish fish dish were dulong in raw duck egg yolks. Dulong are tiny fish. So my kids get to eat the head, the innards, the bones. Some were lightly seared in a pan with ghee, and some were raw. Dulong is lean so you really have to add your duck eggs.

Another raw fish dish was finger long hasa hasa fish. It’s rare to get hasa hasa this small. It is dipped in vinegar to cleanse it from wet market handling. You never know where it has been so the vinegar cleanses it. The raw head is awesome, the body too.

The cooked in soup fish is called dorado. It’s a big green fish that turns black and yellow in the market. It tastes good in soup or lightly heated above charcoal.

The squid are with squid eggs, in the market they are called itlugan. Lucky those who get it, extra nutrition. It was lightly heated above charcoals and added some ginger and onions for flavoring.

The dilis are small fish that is dipped in real raw coconut vinegar to cleanse it from market handling.

Not in the picture were raw oysters and some heated to open oysters.

It looks like a ton of food but more than 10 people feasted in this table. Plus in another table were 4 maids and a driver. 2 maids are pregnant so they need all the nutrition they can get.

Almost all the fish are wild ocean fish except for the dulong which are fish fry. Our vinegar is organic. The duck eggs are from Palawan, via a primitive duck herder. The beef and bone marrow is grass fed and freshly killed same day. The 3 types of small fish were eaten whole with the heads and intestines and bones. No fancy condiments whatsoever because the food and ingredients are fresh and of high quality.

As you can see, we are focused on quality meats / animal food (fish are animals, fish IS meat). It is lunch time. Fruit and salad greens had its time during breakfast.

I worked to earn the money, then personally went to market and chose these foodstuffs, then arranged them in the kitchen, then told the maids what to do and what to prepare. I can see now that the reason people get bad quality food is they abdicate the marketing and food preparation to the help or someone who’s time is cheaper… and may be less intelligent, in fact – non-knowledgable about nutrition.

In this case, I am the money maker, I am the healer, I am the marketer and I am the lead chef. This is all part of preventive medicine. Food is the best medicine.

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