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You did a "crunch"
Watch this-

"Jan 14th: Walk ~ 2 mi. I know it's not exercise, but my legs were a little sore from the squats so I could not HIIT."
Active rest day

"Jan 15th: rest day" Passive rest day

Good Work!

Il Capo:
 ;D I like the idea of giving "fitness sounding descriptions" to my laying around time.  :D

Well, as it turns out the crunches I did, while appreciated by my abs during the exercise where not particularly appreciated by my back the day after. I'm not sure whether I was working some lower back muscles or just messing my back, though.

Thanks for the vid, btw, I'll make sure to do the janda situps next time.

I've also had lower back pain after crunches. Yesterday I tried an "Ab Mat" for the first time at the gym, and have no back soreness. If you don't have access to one of those, maybe a rolled-up towel placed on the floor in the curve of your spine for extra support might help?

Good luck!

Il Capo:
@angela: thanks, I am actually using a soft mat at the gym. I think the back pain was mostly due to bad form / weak abs. The pain disappeared after a day or so.

Jan 20th - Day A

I've increased the weights a bit after last time the exercises felt a little too easy (except for squats).

1) Dumbbell front squat. 5x5 @ 25lbs. Should try 30lbs next time.

2) Alternating single Hand Dumbbell row. 5x5 @ 30lbs. While it wasn't completely easy, I managed to knock a couple of sets in a row (did 2,2,1 instead of 1,1,1,1,1). I guess this means I should up the weight to 35lbs next time and start struggling a bit more.

3) Dumbbell bench press. Used 30lbs. This weight seems right for now. Sets: 5,5,5,3,3,4. I noticed the limiting factor were my shoulders and arms (triceps), and not pecs (those do not feel like they got any work out at all). I'm gonna check some vids to see whether this is bad form on my part or whether it's just my unbalanced body adjusting the strength of its components.

4) Reverse crunch (3xF): 28,22,22 (10% increase!  :D)

I noticed my veins popping much more than they would when I was overweight and chronic cardio-ing. Probably a result of lower BF and higher HR from the intense workouts.

Reminded me of this funny Family Guy skit. :D


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