Author Topic: my own exercise plan!  (Read 9958 times)

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my own exercise plan!
« on: December 11, 2012, 12:24:29 AM »
The first is to cultivate the habit of getting up 40-60 minutes earlier in the morning;
Up in the morning, go out to start and running, the body went to the micro heat, as every morning before exercise activities necessary to prepare the matter;
Is doing the broadcast gymnastics, or to learn some basic moves of martial arts, Note: beginner martial arts, and are not required to first bore a striking resemblance, but must pursue the shape. In order to ensure their own gestures to the martial arts people shot to leave the square inch;
Exercise every morning, take a deep breath, by virtue of breath try to shouts of days (to exercise and improve their lung capacity and lung power), do push-ups to do more, if the conditions are more than hanging hanging horizontal bar, parallel bars (high school physical training standards over the best);
Fifth, prepare a cup of green tea every day before going to bed, first thing in the morning to cold green tea, add a little hot water to drink (diluted vivo blood viscosity due to sleep; second is conducive to exercise does not appear in the body when the blood supply to the bad state of oxygen deficiency(; cleaning body waste, improve the body's digestive function, conducive to multi flesh, especially long sinew; Fourth eliminate the early morning wake up drink green tea on an empty stomach fat meat (fat) medical effects), early in the morning to get up to the fasting tea adapt daily must drink 400ml each time;
The six must eat every morning Baofan, to noon also must eat, eat. Chickens, ducks, fish, meat you can eat. But dinner: First, it is best not to eat pasta (bread, bread, pasta, etc.); second is the best little chicken, duck, fish, and meat; eat Haojiu Hang, do not eat too much, (because supper more than three may cause excessive intake resulting in the best long-fat (fat), the main reason for not long sinew meat (lean meat));
Seventh, two hours after dinner, you may go out for a walk, do some push-ups, hanging hanging horizontal bar, parallel bars, or at home, running and running, doing sit-ups and standing jump, standing jump Mogao run-up takeoff Mogao exercise, exercise body heat can then wait until the body adjusts to increase activity levels.