Author Topic: New year new plan for me!  (Read 9614 times)

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New year new plan for me!
« on: December 26, 2012, 11:32:38 PM »
Learning programs:
1. 6:20 am every day to get up 1-2 times with 10 minutes of the previous day to the back of the text study, 6:40 departure from home.
2. To class, positive statements, take notes.
3. Carefully doing their homework, do not answer, seriously each course.
4. Finish your homework, review the contents of the day and to preview the contents of the class the next day.
5. For vice lesson history, geography, biology, each end of an after-school extracurricular exercises books to buy their own heart for, as to do not copy the answer, do not read books, do by virtue of their own learning. If you encounter will not be the title, but also can not immediately see the answer or read, to wait until all done, go to find the answers and memorized in a timely manner.
6. For core subjects and mathematics (algebra and geometry), languages, English, physical and political, to each end of a unit or a lesson to contrast optimize the design "to explain part to further deepen the understanding and consolidation, and to do the exercisesPeptide, the write still can not copy the answer, After writing to pay teachers mark or control the answer to identify errors promptly corrected.
7. Encounter does not know how to be timely to ask the teacher asked the students to figure out.
8. English for 30 minutes every night to listen to train their own hearing.
   Pham Van: The new year ushered in, unconsciously, we have entered the threshold of a new semester, began the life of the new semester. New semester, and win their hearts, to be quickly put into tense learning this, I decided to list the following learning programs, and remind their learning efforts diligent:

As young pioneers, not only to care for the young, respect for teachers, but also willing to help others, always remember to follow the rules.

Carry forward the hard virtues Exhibition small soldiers elegance, you want to be a qualified citizen, it is necessary to do the hard work. Learning is hard, but I am not afraid of hard work and the things that others can do, I believe I can do that through our efforts.

Others to be polite, speak to civilization, but also will use polite language.
Honest and trustworthy, not lie, Zhicuojiugai.

Every day should not be relaxed. Knowledge can not be sloppy, there will not be the problem, after some thought, if you really do not ask students or teachers. Each lesson must listen carefully, especially teachers analysis topics, but also to listen carefully and not be distracted. Homework is an important part of carefully completed jobs can be found insufficient, and can consolidate the knowledge. Language job is to be written in a neat, careful analysis; math homework can not be sloppy finish after carefully checking and checking; the English job specification writing, neat handwriting. The so-called "bitter sweet", with just a little effort you certainly will pay off
I feel there are a lot to learn, it seems that plan has been difficult to include, I think, if completed in the true sense, then, after the harvest must be many! Learning should be noted that the method according to my father told me a scientific findings that the human brain is the most flexible in the morning, so learn some tricky things will be better in the morning effect, students, let us work and rest cherish this precious time, effort and diligence, I want to learn and learn again, and then progress progress progress think says it will do, we will certainly be able to progress every day!