Author Topic: is carb type as important as total carbs?  (Read 4925 times)

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is carb type as important as total carbs?
« on: June 05, 2017, 02:02:24 AM »
For example I have 100% almond butter (almond is the only ingredient) which has 7 carbs but 3 grams of fiber.. so it is 4 net carbs with 1 gram of sugar

Then I have cauliflower mashed ''potatoes'' which are 7 carbs per serving with 2 fiber. 5 net carbs, but it has 3 grams of sugar and is made with milk and rice.

They are almost the same amount of carbs and well under my 25 limit, but one has very small amounts of rice and whole milk and the other is just a nut.

Would this be acceptable on a keto diet? I'm unsure because it is low carbohydrate, but it does have foods not typically considered keto.

Also, what about something like a stick of gum, which has a gram of sugar?

Basically I want to know if I can stay in ketosis and become fat adapted if I eat non-keto foods but stay within my carbohydrate limit.

And I'm not trying to fit a candy bar or a bunch of junk.. I just want to know if I can have things like the cauliflower mix, or a stick of gum occasionally, or to be able to eat a bowl of chili my grandma made-without having to turn it down because it has a bit of sugar, beans, and a lot of tomatoes in it-while maintaining ketosis and becoming fat adapted.

Maybe I should note I am about 5'9'' 165 lbs with 14% bodyfat. I'm not severely overweight and am mostly doing keto for the health aspects beyond slimming down

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Re: is carb type as important as total carbs?
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2017, 10:26:35 PM »
To know if you are in ketosis, get some ketostix and test with them once or twice a day.