Author Topic: Paleo diet plan for your dogs, cats, and pets - includes 125 food recipes  (Read 9855 times)

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There is a recent book with more than 100 easy recipes for healthy, homemade dog food.  Reviews are excellent so far!

It's available on Amazon and includes Grain-Free, Paleo, as well as Raw Recipes.

There are recipes like Oatmeal Turkey Dog Biscuits and "desserts" like Peanut Butter and Banana Dog Ice Cream.  All recipes use real, whole ingredients like beef, chicken, potatoes, and carrots.

Let me know if you've had luck with natural diet for your pets!  We are considering getting our 1st dog next year.

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Dogs are carnivores. Any ingredients that are not meat, fat, organs, or bone are there for some reason other than nutrition. My dogs have been fed their ancestral diet, the "prey model raw" or "raw meaty bones" diet, since they were pups.

Many people and entities will try to convince you that dogs are omnivores. They are not, regardless of the taurine issue that people try to use as evidence. The physiological characteristics of the entire digestive tract of a domestic dog, regardless of size, is identical to a wolf.

Naturally the pet food manufacturers have been the greatest and most "vocal" proponents of the whole "dogs are omnivores" theory, which most present as fact. That gives them justification for including inappropriate and inexpensive ingredients in dog food that act as binders and/or fillers. Only one pet food company that I know of, Champion in Canada, which produces many brands including Orijen, had the balls to publish a factual white paper on dog biology in relation to nutrition. They even admit that anything that isn't an animal product in dog food is a filler and binder, some of which is necessary to extrude the food into kibble. It's a good read, highly recommended.

They have many other interesting documents here as well;

Good forum for raw feeding:

One more good resource, old but still valid: