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I work in the financial services and my co-workers, managers and bosses think the Paleo diet is extremely unhealthy (too much meat... and even too many vegetables!). I must spend several hours a week defending my diet and my food choices.
There are only 4 of us (2 men and 2 women) in the company (20 people, 14 women and 6 men) who are not overweight or obese. The 2 men exercise a bit (and they're only around 30), the other woman doesn't eat a lot of cakes etc. The fact that I don't touch cakes and biscuits at all (even when it's someone's birthday) is a major gripe with my colleagues. We have free biscuits in the kitchenette area, and whenever we have a team meeting (at least 6-7 times a week, sometimes twice a day) everyone has biscuits... except me! I don't have milk or sugar in my tea/coffee either, which is another major gripe ('You are always on a diet!' 'Milk is healthy for you, if you don't drink milk, you'll develop osteoporosis!' etc.)
I exercise a lot: about half a dozen hours at the gym every week, a mix of aerobics, weight training, and Pilates, and I spend at least 2 hours walking every day as my workplace is in a rural area and I usually walk into town to catch my train home, and that takes over an hour. This means I do need fairly large quantities of food. I don't spend my workday munching at my desk, on the contrary: I will eat a couple of nuts or a piece of chocolate every 2 hours or so. However I do have a 'generous' lunch (usually stew and vegetables, which I bring in a 710ml thermos bottle, and extra rice which I warm up in the microwave) outside (even if it rains), because of the smell. My colleagues usually have a sandwich and a pack of crisps... but they spend the whole day eating biscuits, candy bar, yoghurts, breakfast cereals etc.
I've run into quite a few 'geeks' on paleo-ish forums, and most of the regulars at my local gym work in IT too. I'm thinking of changing careers and wondering whether I would be a good 'fit' in IT/STEM. I don't want to spend part of my workday arguing about food!
Thanks in advance.

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I'm a software engineer.  I've never had to do more than say "no, thank you" or "I don't eat that stuff" more than a couple of times.  I have lots of coworkers who eat unhealthy snacks all day and are overweight, but they all realize it's unhealthy, so once they realize I have a diet I really stick to, they don't tend to push.