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New food allergy/sensitivity?


I've cooked with coconut oil and eaten beets for several years now. Last night I roasted some golden beets in coconut oil in the oven until tender. I let them cool, rubbed off the skin, and enjoyed them.....until about 15-20 minutes later. I started to get itchy on my arms, legs, and the corner of my eyes. Swallowing felt tender. I took a few benadryl and was able to get it under control. Coincidental or not, my seasonal allergies acted up just a few days earlier for the first time of significance since going paleo. From what I understand it is a particularly bad year for seasonal allergies in St. Louis due to the exceedingly dry summer. Your thoughts are (as always) appreciated.

bad combo?

Time to colon cleanse and liver flush?

I've been doing some research and it seems similar to "oral allergy syndrome" in that it may be hay-fever related, but it doesn't quite fit. Next time I make beets I'll do so with a different oil to rule the coconut out. Hrmph.  :embarassed:


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