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Actually JayJay you don't know chocolate mousse because that was in the beginning stages of my paleo diet, I did get it right after a while, so don't tell me I never got it right and was doing platonic hugs flax meal because that was a 2 day thing until I was informed it wasn't paleo. Second, your a moron, [editors note - there is something hilarious about using the wrong you're when calling someone a moron] because I said I was eating egg yolks as well, but then I changed my diet for the second test, and now I am eating egg whites because the doctor said no egg yolk, and I found a correlation with the iodine and the way my skin broke out,

Edited and warned, no more posts like that mate - samjohn

Here were the first results: total 420, HDL 92, LDL 316, Triglycerides 62
Here were the second results: Total 172, HDL 60, LDL 92, Triglycerides 76

Some one tell me which one was better. Second was non-paleo btw

I went on this diet, I went on the forums, everyone telling me I could eat a dozen eggs a day, half a pound of fatty meat a day, and that I still needed more fats, saying it wouldn't affect my cholesterol levels. YEAH right got a blood test my cholesterol went to 420 my LDL in the 300s and my HDL 92. Went off of it for 2 weeks my Cholesterol was 172. The doctor thinks I have a specific Apo E gene that enabled me to lose all that cholesterol so quickly, and she said I have to stay away from fatty meats and nuts (apparently it causes me to manufacture cholesterol, this is the only part I don't agree with her on) and chicken skin and liver etc.... So yes I am proof that this can fuck you up

Diet and nutrition / How many grams of fat should I be getting in a day?
« on: August 21, 2011, 12:56:24 PM »
I just want an approximation, not an exact number because that would be impossible, but I am active, lift heavy 3 times a week, I am 5"6.5, 19 years old, and male. and weigh 136 pounds.

They tested me as low t3 so this is all new Idk what I have yet but they believe it is hypo. I'm on l-tyrosine right now and that is all until further testing

"I guess I'm a bit confused. The beginning of July you were looking for help to gain weight and muscle - eating a high colorie diet. You also weighed about 10 more pounds than what is being reported here.

So now you weigh less and are eating less calories than you were? Did you get ill, or did eating strict paleo make you drop the weight?

Looking at what you have you need to add in more animal fat and it'll probably help with the almond butter cravings. Are you trying to gain or lose weight?"

I lost fat so that's what probably made me lose those ten pounds but apparently I'm still 18% body fat, which i don't understand a 135 5"7 guy can be 18% body fat when I look like I'm about 8% with my shirt on, but I guess I'm trying to lose fat and gain muscle. Idk all my friends eat all this unhealthy food and don't work out and have perfect bodies yet I'm skinny fat and eat super healthy and work out. I just

Can't do whole eggs because of the iodine in the yolk it makes my skin break out like crazy because of my allergy:( hypothyroid sucks. But if I make it like 80% fat then you think it will get me to stop craving almond butter, and do you think it will make me gain weight from doing it this one time :(

Today however I broke down and had 9 servings of almond butter instead of 2 apples is that horrible?

I have a problem with my thyroid, causing me not to be able to have a lot of iodine, also causing me to have MAJOR trouble losing fat. I am really thin, being 5"7 and 135 pounds, and everyone tells me how thin I am and how I need to gain weight, but I had a doctor tell me I'm about 18% bodyfat only around my lower ab. I have started doing this low calorie diet and it is helping me lose an exorbitant amount of weight, but I'm worried with all my working out (I do the Mark Rippetoe workout), I won't be able to gain much muscle. Here is my diet tell me what you think and if I will be able to gain the twenty pounds of muscle I need (I realize it will take a few years to do this).

Morning: half a pound of 90% ground beef, veggies, 6 egg whites, and an apple with a serving of almond butter. Lunch: half a pound of 90% ground beef and a lot of veggies. Dinner: 6 egg white omelette and a lot of veggies.

I realize this may sound repetitive but it is the only way I can stay on my exact budget and get all the nutrients and protein I need, so idc that I do this everyday (and I know people say you won't be able to not cheat but I have been able to easily). Will I be able to get that six pac and nice arms and chest and etc with this and proper exercise? Thanks

flax meal btw would be paleo because it is a seed that is grinded...


That has nothing to do with the carb answer. I do count religiously because I work better like that. I just didn't want to ruin my carb count of the day. I do flax meal because I need a flour substitute that's in low carbs

I just had 7 servings of flax meal and it says 4 carbs and 4 fiber, which I thought meant 0 net carbs. But then I looked and it says 3 insoluble fiber and 1 soluble. Is it still 0 net carbs or did I just take in a whole bunch of unnecessary carbs. Please help I'm freaking out!

Exercises / How to count carbs?
« on: July 06, 2011, 10:53:13 AM »
Do you subtract the fiber from the carbs. My flax meal is 4 carbs and 4 fiber so I was wondering if that means I'm getting 0 carbs. I started making muffins with flax meal eggs and cinnamon and I use about 8 servings of flax meal a day (I'd rather pack in the extra 420 calories from flax meal and I already eat a dozen eggs a day so it's not like I'm doing anything but changing the cooking method). Thank you

Exercises / Cooking meat too long?
« on: July 06, 2011, 10:51:19 AM »
I don't like my meat juicy, it just grosses me out, so I usually cook in an oven for 30 minutes on 450 degrees 3 hamburgers daily and was wondering if this changes the protein content/ fat content/ caloric intake?

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