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Exercises / Re: Best back injury references and websites? Anyone?
« on: July 24, 2012, 10:19:34 PM »
Nice I like it.  Thanks.

Exercises / Best back injury references and websites? Anyone?
« on: July 22, 2012, 10:19:45 AM »
I'm looking for the best references (people, books, doctors, websites, etc.) regarding back injuries.   My back issues date back about 10 years, off and on.  About a year ago I was working up to higher and higher weights on deadlifts and squats when one day my lower back just gave out and I've had extremely tight muscles that run along the right side of my lower back.. And I imagine that a nerve is being pinched somehow because I can be standing in one position one moment (at home, work, etc.) with no pain and then move slightly down to pick something up off of a table or floor and WHAM! I'll feel a sharp bolt of painful lightening on my right side (hip, lower back -- but not down the spine area)..

Anyway, this is my challenge and any useful information that anyone has would be appreciated.  I don't know if massage is a real solution?  I've been going to a chiropractor -- and as much as I feel good at his office getting adjustments -- my overall true progress has been non-existent over last few months that I've been receiving treatment. My lower, right-side back is tight, sore and I constantly have to lie down on my softball or Triggerpoint roller tube to self-massage my back to loosen up the tightness..


I created a website that tells my Paleo short story (with photos, references and data).

Thanks for having me!  This is my first post.  Been Paleo for about a year now!   55 lbs. and off all the medications.

Cheers (holding my glass of 'red' wine high)   ;D

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