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Exercises / Sports?
« on: November 11, 2013, 08:36:10 AM »

so as I said in my intro, I play roller derby. This means that once a week I have skill training, once a week I have scrimmage (games), once a week I have a free training session (you work on your own skills for 2 hours in a gym on skates) and one day a week I have off skates bootcamp, which is a mix of weights, circuit training, and some alertness exercises. Every session is 2 hours long.

What sports do people here play? From the board it looks like most people seem to be doing mainly weights and "gym style" exercise, but surely some people do team sports.

Have you found you improved when you went paleo? Are you the only one doing paleo in your team?


Introductions / Hello! Newbie (sort of)
« on: November 11, 2013, 07:19:59 AM »

I am new to the forum though not to "paleo", I just did not know it had a name before.

5 years ago I was diagnosed (after years of suffering pretty badly, constant issues with my tum as well as anxiety and sad moods and finally osteopenia that led to broken bones, etc..)  as a coeliac and lactose intolerant. I was initially put on what my gastro called a "strict" diet which was basically paleo. Veg, fruit, animals of all sorts, eggs, not much else. A few days in I felt amazing. No more tummy issues, my mental health got better, my bones got stronger. And I lost some weight, which was good but not the point of it.

As the years went by I started eating more and more substitutes (all those "free from" foods), I had milk occasionally, then more than just occasionally, and my tummy issues returned. Not to the degree they were pre diagnosis, but still pretty bad.

So here I am- going back into this (started last week, so I am on day 5 or 6, but already feeling mych better). I saw a friend talk about paleo online and realized that my "strict eating" was basically that. Which is great because it helped me find this place and I would love to share ideas and stuff.

Other than that... I am twentysomething, currently single, work in healthcare, play roller derby 3 days a week. I guess that is me in a nutshell!

 :) Ella

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