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Introductions / Re: Hello Everyone!!!
« on: September 23, 2010, 12:22:38 PM »
I've already been getting flack from some of my friends, 'jokingly', which I'm sure has some truth to it. I was already the smallest of my 'Fat Friends', and now I'm only getting smaller.
3 of us always used to frequent the gym together, but one of them ended up pregnant (high risk pregnancy, no exercise allowed now), and the other one is getting married in a few weeks and couldn't lose weight anymore out of fear of not fitting into her wedding dress.
They were both making great progress, except they were unwilling to make the necessary diet changes. I'm encouraging my one friend to join me again once her wedding has come and gone. I'd love to see my friends happy and healthy with me. So hopefully I can help them before my progress makes a huge rift between us.
I'm excited about my progress, for once in my life I can see my fitness goals coming to Fruition. I've been up and down in weight so much because of fad diets and diet plans, enough is enough. My clothes are already fitting better, some things fit better now than when I bought them. I can now do up my new black jacket, when I couldn't even get the buttons close before. And I fit into, and am shrinking out of a pair of capris I bought too small because they were on sale. I could barely move in them before. I'm almost out of Plus Sized tops, X and 1X now being too big and baggy for me. I've shrunk from a size 20 pants, to a size 18, and almost a size 16 now. I don't even want to go out and buy new clothes because I don't want to buy the same sizes I am now, I want to buy smaller. I am really looking forward to the day that I can shop in ANY store I want, and not have to worry about being the fat girl in the skinny girl store.

Parenting / Re: Raising Kids Paleo, how do you do it?!?!
« on: September 22, 2010, 04:18:51 PM »
I completely understand that I can't control them forever, as much as I wish that were possible! haha I know this full-well, my mom always packed healthy lunches for me, most of which I threw in the trash, I spent, probably hundreds of dollars on junk food and other crap throughout junior high and high school, without my parents knowing. Thus, ballooning my way up over 230lbs. I don't want my kids to have to do the same, running around sneaking junk because of restrictions, that is just as bad as me force feeding them the junk myself. I just want to give them all the tools necessary to make smart, informed and healthy decisions, not only regarding eating Paleo, but in all aspects of life.

Parenting / Raising Kids Paleo, how do you do it?!?!
« on: September 22, 2010, 03:31:34 PM »
My boyfriend and I, are planning to start our family in a few years, when we'll both be at our bests physically.
We've been discussing how to keep our kids Paleo, for at least the first 18 years of their lives. After that, we'd trust them to make the best decisions for themselves.
It has occurred to us, to lie to them and just say "Oh, you're allergic to Grains, starch, etc etc etc", but that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I foresee no real problems keeping the Paleo lifestyle throughout childhood, and up to the pre-teen ages, since that is the easiest time period to keep your children eating under your control.

My current major concern when looking to the future, is what to do about Sleepovers, Birthday parties, and dinners eaten with other families. What do you tell the other parents? Not everyone is too supportive of a Paleo Lifestyle as many of you know. (In fact, I know people that would feed a Paleo child grains behind the parents back, because they feel he/she is being DEPRIVED!!!!)
I don't want to play the Allergy card, because many parents do not want to take that kind of responsibility for a child into their home. I also don't want my child to go to birthday parties, and not be able to eat anything. (Main foods of parties being, Pizza, Hot dogs, chips and cake!) I feel very discouraged already about the kids I don't even have yet!

How do you raise a happy, healthy, Paleo child in this modern day?! I don't feel ready to have children until I have a plan for their health and Paleo lifestyle.

Introductions / Re: Does it get better?
« on: September 22, 2010, 03:02:29 PM »
I found the first week, or week and a half to be the hardest part of the whole process so far!
The cravings are intense and can be very hard to resist, you just really need to push yourself past them and find healthier alternatives.
Things I've found that make an amazing difference are:

Hungry? Drink a BIG glass of water. Every. Single. Time. Not only does it cut that hunger in half, but if you were craving something unhealthy, (whether it be out of hunger, emotion, or boredom) I really find/found it makes those nasty cravings disappear.
If you eat out of Emotion, clear your entire pantry of those unhealthy 'treats', when you are upset, it's so much easier to reach in and grab a bag of chips instead of slicing up an apple. Also, keep fruit washed, and prepared in bowls in the fridge. It can be a hassle to be constantly, chopping, washing and preparing, especially when you are craving something much easier even if it may be unhealthy. Same goes for eating out of boredom.

One of the big things that I've found help me, and be careful with this one, because it can easily lead to unhealthy habits in and of itself, is step on the scale. I find that if I step on the scale once, or twice a day, and remind myself of the progress I've made, it strengthens my resolve, and I just don't want that dessert after dinner, or those chips with a movie. It makes me want to progress further, to go out and take a walk, or eat a healthy snack. And even if I don't see progress, it makes me think, "If I eat this Chocolate bar, will this help me, or will it harm me?", a healthy snack lends itself to progress before an unhealthy one ever will.

Once you get past that initial craving stage, it will be even easier to resist. Once you clear your body of all that crap, your body will not appreciate it coming. My digestive system hates me for about a week everytime I cheat, even slightly when it can't be helped. (Parties, Dinners out with Family etc) That makes it far less tempting to cheat.

You will crave things, and it will be tough to resist, but once you get past the initial stage, like SamJohn said, it goes away and you will be left feeling AWESOME! I feel better than I have in years.

Introductions / Re: Hello Everyone!!!
« on: September 22, 2010, 02:51:08 PM »
I won't lie, at first I fought my boyfriend tooth and nail to not do this whole paleo thing. It was completely his idea, and I thought he was absolutely nuts. I mean, some of my most favorite foods were grains, and starches. I love rice, and pasta, and pizza, and chocolate and the list goes on! But, I gave it a try for him, and after that first hellish week of cravings for egg noodles and some steamed rice, things started to get better, now a couple months later, I'm feeling awesome and looking better than I have in almost a year, maybe more?
I had my mom doing Paleo with me as well for a few weeks, but she got discouraged when she didn't lose weight like I had been, (My mom is about 160lbs, so the pounds weren't going to just fall off her like they did for me at first) and now she's back to grains and chips and such. I hope I can get her started again. A couple of my close friends are also interested, but they are of the mind-set "How can you do that?" "Why do you even want to do that?" and so forth. They are amazed, (and some of them are jealous) by the progress I've made, but they won't take that first step, I don't know if it's out of fear of failure on "Just another Diet", or just lack of willpower. It makes me sad, all of my friends, with few exceptions (One of my friends is down 80lbs! So proud of her) are overweight, many Obese, (Over 250lbs), and as I change my lifestyle, I can't see myself keeping them as friends, not because of their appearance, but because of the constant bad eating habits that I fall into with them occasionally, and that lifestyle just isn't for me anymore.

Introductions / Hello Everyone!!!
« on: September 22, 2010, 01:17:59 PM »
My name is Kim and I turn 21 tomorrow!! (September 23rd!)

As of Today I am down 21lbs.
My start weight was 233lbs, and I now weigh 212lbs.
I have always been overweight, and the buck stops here. Done. No more and never again. My goal weight is 130lbs, but that is completely objective depending on muscle gains and how my body looks according to my frame size as I become slimmer and healthier.

I work Part-Time and Live with my Boyfriend (who also frequents this forum!) and we both are enjoying a Paleo lifestyle, as best we can in this modern day. We plan to stay Paleo for the rest of our lives and are encouraging our friends and family to make healthier choices with us. We will be raising our future family Paleo and are already trying to figure our way around a Grain Filled culture and society to make it more possible.

I am very excited to join this community! It's nice to meet all of you!
Cheers to a better, healthier lifestyle! ;D

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