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Exercises / P90X2
« on: November 07, 2011, 08:46:41 AM »
It's almost here!  I was a fan of P90X because of the resistance workouts and am itching to try P90X2.  I was watching a promo vid of the differences b/t P90X and P90X2, and Horton mentions grain-free options in the nutrition guide.  Props to him for that!

Diet and nutrition / Living with nonpaleo family members
« on: September 17, 2011, 11:46:11 PM »
Hey all,

So I've been researching paleo for about 4 months now and want to start, only problem is I just started living with my aunt, uncle and cousin who are non paleo.  If I were living on my own or with my parents, I'd be paleo right now, but my relatives are providing me with housing and shelter w/o charge.  For this reason, I don't feel comfortable requesting special dietary conditions that will cause extra burdens.  My aunt and uncle completely buy into the 'whole grain is good for you' epidemic.  Every meal is carb-centric.  They eat oatmeal or wheat bread every morning (many times both) with a smorgasbord of fruit.  Lunch and dinner always include multigrain rice.  After living here for about a month, I noticed that their meat intake is very low.  I even feel like I'm hording all the protein during mealtimes.  I've been gradually decreasing the amount of rice and oatmeal so as to avoid drawing a lot of attention, but I don't have many protein options to compensate.  Vegetables are in surplus, but I really want my meat!  Do you all have any advice on how I should eat while I'm living here?  It probably won't be paleo, but maybe GF to start?  For now I've been keeping a journal to keep my carb intake in check (around 100g).  I'm not really concerned about losing weight, just want to enhance my health and well-being.

Introductions / Curious Noob
« on: June 26, 2011, 08:58:35 PM »
Hi everyone!

I'm 22 years old, 5'6'' and 133 lbs.  I've been on a weight loss journey for about a year now and have lost 40 lbs.  I went through P90X, Insanity (doubling the 2nd month), a hybrid of P90X + half marathon training, and am on the last day of Insanity Asylum.  I believe my body fat is between 19-20% right now, which is great!  The six-pack is coming in nicely, just not as defined as I'd like it to be :P.

I've heard about this paleo diet for a while now, but haven't really looked into it until the past month or so.  I'm about 90% convinced to start it, but I will probably have to hold off on it for at least a year since I'll be soon living with my aunt, uncle and cousin in Cali.  I don't want to make it difficult for them/be bothersome since they're already letting me live under their roof rent-free.  But maybe there's some way I could be preparing for the diet while I'm there?  I'm open to any suggestions!

Right now I basically eat when I'm hungry (which is about every 2-3 hours).  I keep a food log just to make sure my intake is in check, but it doesn't at all define what I eat.  I am on the "healthy" SAD.  I eat a lot of lean meat, veggies and fruit.  My carbs are usually either white rice (yes, I'm Asian) or whole wheat whatever.  I have a weakness for cereal... especially Kashi.  I feel like that will be my biggest problem to give up.  I also eat fruit a lot... which is supposed to be limited in the diet.  I have no problem eating meat though ^^.  I'll just have to adjust it to quality full fat cuts.

So, I guess my main question is what should I change about my current diet to prep for paleo (even if it's at least a year away)?

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