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Food Journals / SarahQ's food diary
« on: July 26, 2011, 12:29:48 PM »
I began Primal eating 9 days ago but did not keep a record of what I ate until now.  I have lost 6.5lbs since stopping grains, sugar and processed foods.  Apart from some lethargy in the mornings and one morning where I was sick after getting out of bed, it has all gone well.  That is until this week when I have had a lot of gas  :-[ and heartburn so hopefully a diary/journal from now on might help point out the culprit?

This was yesterday
B:  2 egg omelet with spinach and fried mushrooms.  Used coconut oil to fry. small coffee with coconut milk,  very watered down peach juice
snack: handful of macadamia nuts,  green tea
L: shrimp and avocado salad. Redbush tea
snack:  almonds and an apple, water
D: steak and fried onions cooked in coconut oil and butter, large salad (beetroot, mache/lambs lettuce and cucumber) balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing, half a glass of red wine,  water.  Heartburn started about an hr later.
late night snack of 2 squares 85% dark chocolate

Someone has suggested that coconut products might be causing the heartburn etc so I avoided it today, which is why I had a little bit of real dairy  :P
B: two rashers bacon ( I cooked 3 but could only eat 2), boiled egg, green tea
Snack: small handful of mixed nuts/berries.  coffee with dash of milk :-[
L: steak, mushrooms and salad (I don't normally eat steak two days in a row but it was left from yesterday).  water
heartburn and gas started after lunch
snack:  fennel tea,  handful of blackberries with one dessert spoon of full fat greek yogurt
D: I have just returned from a "marche gourmande" which is a food market where you can choose whatever you like to eat. I had (very) diluted peach juice, 5 jumbo prawns with avocado and lettuce, duck liver pate, mache, onions, one cherry tomato.

Diet and nutrition / Is red wine causing my heartburn?
« on: July 25, 2011, 01:15:26 PM »
I have never had heartburn in my life before, not even when pregnant and yet I have had it twice this week.  It happens in the evening, about an hour after my evening meal and starts with a fist-sized ache in my stomach and radiates upwards to my throat. The discomfort and burning then remains at the base of my neck (thyroid area) until I fall asleep hours later.  I also have lots of gas (both ends)  :-[   which is unusual for me too!  :(
I have been following a Paleo diet for nearly 10 days with very little cheating except for half a glass of wine 2 days ago and then again tonight.  Red wine has never been a problem for me before, so why should it be now?
The only thing I have actively added to my diet has been coconut oil and milk.  Other than that I have of course eliminated grains, pulses, potatoes and sugar.  The only fruit I have had today has been an apple at lunchtime.

Diet and nutrition / Please clarify Legumes for me
« on: July 20, 2011, 02:41:28 PM »
Please forgive my ignorance!  I am English, living in France, and am not quite sure what the American definition of a legume is?  I assume that it means pulses/beans, but since "Legume" means vegetable in French it is slightly confusing.  Plus, are all beans in this no-no category?  does it include lentils?  runner beans? mange tout? broad beans? 
What about green garden peas?  those that you can eat raw straight out of the pod?

thank you

My name is Sarah and I live with my family in SW France.  I am 41yrs old and have a husband and 4 children ranging from 14yrs down to 2yrs.

At the time of writing I am on day 5 of starting to eat the Paleo diet.  In all honesty it is not as difficult as I imagined it to be when I first heard of it a year ago.  I thought I would find it impossible to give up bread, cakes, rice, pasta etc but nope - it's been OK  :D
Yes it is hard to still be shopping for and cooking all of those things for everyone else - the temptations are all around me  :(   I may need support from you guys later on if I waver!

I am currently nearly 2 stone overweight and have many health niggles:  poor posture, painful knees, skin problems, bloating, fatigue, mood swings, low oestrogen levels and osteopenia.  I am fervently hoping that this diet and lifestyle will help with some of these issues and help me to be a more active parent and partner.  Turning 40 really saw the weight go on :(  and it has settled in different places to where it used to go!  now I am more bottom heavy than the hour-glass I used to be and I hate having to buy bigger clothes!  So now it is all going to change  ;D    I have lost 2lbs in the last 5 days and have been feeling very positive.  There have been some minor wobbles with weakness and nausea in the mornings but I am OK after breakfast. 

Hello to you all and I look forward to browsing this forum and sharing it with you  8)

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