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I have had a trapped nerve at the top of my thigh for about 4 months now which didn't bother me during the day but at night it was like a toothache I have to take strong pain killers to get a sleep.

 Now it has sort of travelled down and my leg and as well the pain at night i have am achy heel which makes me limp and pretty much affects my mobility although the more i move it it eases , as soon as i sit down or drive and start walking again it is really stiff.  Trainer has given me stretches for the hip also.

So...........................................................I have a hospital appointment and doc thinks they will give me a cortisone injection and I wondered had anyone else had this or experienced the injection and does it really improve the situation allowing to be pain free and train better .

Thanks your advice would be appreciated

a x


A number of studies have found there to be correlations between intake of red meat and the development of type 2 diabetes and cancers (including lung cancer liver cancer and notably bowel cancer). The studies found that if people were consuming processed red meat the chances of developing these illnesses were significantly higher.

Having a particular excess of protein in the diet, particularly in combination with alcohol, could potentially lead to problems such as gout.

Although red meat has been linked with health problems, the increase in risk is not so great to advise people to avoid it altogether. However, looking for good quality, fresh red meat rather than processed meat is recommended.
Protein and kidney damage
Kidney damage (diabetic nephropathy) is a complication that can affect as many as 40% people with diabetes. Kidney damage in diabetes can be diagnosed by testing for the presence of protein in the patientís urine. People with diabetes who have, or are at risk of, kidney damage may be advised to lower their consumption of protein.

I am regulated by food for my diabetes but feel that Im very much mis informed by the medical world about how best to manage my diabetes encouraged to take carbs within my diet. I have done a bit of research and am currently following the paleo with what I think are great results.

Would enjoy your opinions on the above
[/size] Andrene x

tuna in tomatoe sauce small tin I had one when i came in from work hungry tonight and fizzy water am I allowed it on Paleo advice please

A x

Introductions / Hi scottishcavegirl here !
« on: August 14, 2011, 01:43:40 PM »
Hi everyone

I have just woke up after 25yrs and realised the damage I have been doing to my body and decided I want to live longer.
 I am just about to emark on the paleo diet (have tried a month back) and loved it so have signed up with a 1-1 trainer in cross training and Im fired up and excited about taking control.

I know its not going to be easy moving this excess body weight around there is a lot of learned behaviour i have to unlearn and I am gonna be well outside my comfort zone.

Psssst ! I am just under 20stone but as far as i can see this is the only way for me to go to get my life and health back and  not be achey and tired any longer.[
Would love your feed back and I would love to have a fellow buddy for support if anyone is up for it x  :-*
Im excited and also scared as XXXXXX I dont want to fail  ???
A  x

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