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Exercises / Advice on workout program?
« on: February 20, 2012, 01:34:11 PM »
Hi, everyone.  I'm looking for some advice on fat loss.
I'm currently 5'10" and 178lbs, with too much of that being fat  :(

Background:  I started Starting Strength protocol over a year ago, hit a plateau and reset twice.
I'm currently doing a low-level Gymnastic Bodies program with prehab and mobility exercises, to establish a sounder musculoskeletal basis for building strength.
I haven't run for nearly 2 years due to shin splints, currently trying to rehab.
Work out 3-4 days a week, not much other exercise except walking the dog.

Diet: For the last year and a half, mostly paleo - grassfed beef, eggs, raw greens, raw fish, small amounts of rice or potatoes; restricted sugars to a small serving of fruit or dark chocolate once a day.  No dairy at all; unsweetened coconut milk.  2-3 glasses of wine a night.

I didn't lose an ounce of weight during the time I was doing Starting Strength, although I see many people saying that heavy lifting is the most efficient exercise for fat loss.

I am considering adding tabata (rows or maybe sprint on soft sand) to my workouts.

Any thoughts, considering my diet/exercise, on what more I could be doing? 

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