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Diet and nutrition / 21 days of very strict paleo incredible feeling....
« on: September 14, 2012, 06:58:57 AM »
By strict i mean no potatoes,sweet potatoes,olive oil,butter,coconut,nightshades, everything thats starchy and can't be eaten raw plus ofcourse the dead "3'' grains,legumes,dairy.It's just incredible how now i can feel pleasure by just eating raw brussel sprouts and appreciate how sweet they are.In past they tasted like the worst food you could ever eat.

Diet and nutrition / About fat...
« on: May 16, 2012, 09:35:02 AM »
Hello everyone im a new member to this forum have been reading it for a while now decided to log in  :).Im from lithuania and 20 years old.Now staying in london and thinking of studying in collage.So i have been in paleo style eating strictly for 10 days.I now work as a leafleter and its kinda hard on budget.But im trying my best to get the best products for optimal prices.For those 10 days i ate only green leafy vegetables couse i think i got bloated from other types of vegetables pastured chicken thighs,30% fat ground beef,omega 3 enriched eggs and bananas,grapes without skin, mangoes and cantiloupes(friuts in limited quantities).After those 10 days i steel feel gas and unconfortable feeling in gut after big meal maybe the gut needs more time to get used to low fiber diet?Is it possible that fat can couse some gut problems i mean is it possible to eat to much fat becouse when i cook the ground beef i drink all the fat that was with that meat and thats alot...Should i take some probiotics or digestive enzymes to help the gut couse i really cutted all the fiber ant thats a big change? P.S.
Im not constipated having movements daily every morning is just the gas and the feeling after big meal that is not very comfortable.Hope to get some help and suggestions.

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