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Diet and nutrition / Help me!!!
« on: October 08, 2013, 07:49:19 AM »
Hello all,

My name is Adam and I am new to the site! So I need some help. I am new to Paleo dieting and I am having trouble keeping my diet to the rules because of my schedule. I know so many people here have different ways of life and schedules so I am hoping for some good ideas.

So I go to college and I am on campus from 9 am to 8 PM.  Besides breakfast and dinner I am on campus. The hard part I am dealing with is how and what to eat right on campus. I canít bring food with me because I have no room to carry it and there is no way for me to heat it up.... So I end up getting food truck meals that are just horrible. I end up getting a salad with grilled chicken but Iím trying to end this due to lack of money.

I need ideas of how to stay on my paleo diet while Iím on campus all day, with somehow avoiding bringing precooked meals every day. I canít go home during the day because I commute to campus.

Please lend me ideas and HELP ME!!!

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