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Introductions / Still Alive and Thankful.
« on: November 09, 2017, 04:52:24 PM »
My name is Milford. To say Paleo has been important to me is an understatement. I actually discovered Paleo style eating back in 2005. My heart went bad, needed heart surgery but at 360 pounds, no machine in existence would keep me alive for 6 hour surgery. So Doctors sent me home and gave me 90 days to get my affairs in order. Choosing a casket was one of those affairs.

My youngest daughter wasn't going to accept that. She went out and found someone who was eating Paleo and had lost a lot of weight. She introduced us and I started eating Paleo, without knowing it was Paleo. My last Dr. appointment was Christmas eve 2005 where they were going to see if I had lost enough weight to maybe get the surgery.

Walked into the Dr.'s office and had lost 45 pounds in the 90 days, and that was with no exercise at all. I was too sick to exercise anyway. Doc was so surprised and thought we could put off the surgery if I could lose more weight. I kept up the eating regime and in 3 more months I lost another 35 pounds.

Bottom line, May 1st 2006 I had the lifesaving surgery I needed and here I am in 2017 doing well. If it wasn't for the Paleo eating style, I'd be pushing up Daisies right now. I have recently started a blog and am sharing Paleo videos and recipes. Having a blast doing it.

Looking forward to meeting a lot of new people and celebrating life through healthy eating.

That's about it.  Oh I live in Santa Rosa, ca and just went through the big fires up here. Thank God my house was saved. But a lot of my friends and family lost everything. Hope you'll say a prayer for them. Thanks.

Milfredo :)

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