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Introductions / Greetings from Chicago
« on: January 06, 2018, 05:34:35 AM »
CrossFit guy here from the Chicago metro (originally, Wisconsin). Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to read my intro post, which I would surmise is likely a tad unorthodox from the norm here. So yeah, social niceties out of the way, here goes:

To be completely frank, and please take no personal offense to this, but I really do not care about Paleo, Keto, Zone or really any of the diet fads. Shocking as it might be to believe, at least at my box, I am coming up on my 2 year CrossFit anniversary and have managed to avoid the paleo thing almost entirely.Trust me when I tell you they tried, but eventually they just gave up and yet they all still love me just the same. I know everyone says this, but I have the friggin best coaches and community. I am just self aware enough to know that I like my ultimate wraps, burritos, cheese curds (and even the occasional 5 Guys burger with a large fries and a shake) far too much. Just how I roll. About the closest I have come to being Paleo was when I have attended box potlucks or events a few times. Despite this, ummmm, yeah, let’s just say I am not accused of being out of shape much. With that out of the way I will get to the crux of my reason for joining.

So there is another local box that I hit up on occasion when I am looking for a change of pace, which is something I think we all need from time to time. Anyway, about 6 months ago I spied the most gorgeous female I have ever laid eyes on at said box. After a few weeks of the closest thing you can really do to “flirting” during a typical WOD, we finally decided to meet up after class. Like about 99% of the rest of the population of that box, she is strict paleo.

Things have progressed in a more or less linear fashion since then as far as dating goes, but now that she is starting to become a much bigger part of my life and is a frequent guest at my apartment, I would like to do my best to be a decent boyfriend and at a minimum have some accommodating things on hand in the kitchen. Hell, perhaps even surprise her with some great meals when she gets off work. Like many dudes in their 20’s I pretty much suck at cooking to be honest, but I am willing to put forth the effort. Sweetheart that she is, she brought me Portillo’s yesterday when I was stuck at work late, and it got the gears in my head turning that perhaps I need to be making an effort to make things easier on her.

Now granted I can find out lots of information just from reading random sites and blogs, but since forums are a much more dynamic environment, and one that also allows me the opportunity to pose questions, here I am.

In any event, I wish everyone the utmost success in their fitness and health goals, and perhaps I will even get a chance to interact with some of you. Have a splendid weekend.

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