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Start small, gradually buying fattier cuts of meat each time you go for your cuts. If you eat chicken, keep the skin on and cook a little longer, crispy chicken skin is lovely! Poultry fats are a lot easier to start on in my opinion, eating duck skin is quite easy, but you do want to get into good red meat fat, it's very nutritious and filling.

A tip I picked up on here is to fry and cook everything you can in tallow (rendered beef fat). Again, very easy to get accustomed to as you see it more as a cooking oil than a big chunk of fat to chew. I pour it over veggies now too instead of butter.

Try to go for grassfed animals if that is financially viable for you. The fat is much better for you and a hell of a lot tastier, no where near as chewy and rubbery, much more buttery and melt in the mouth  ::)

Lamb and pork chops/belly are generally more fatty by nature but I feel best after a big fatty beef steak myself.

I used to be fat-phobic! You'll be surprised how quickly you begin to enjoy and crave it  8)

Thank you so much for your response.  I started today with:
breakfast: Chorizo, 3 eggs and butter
lunch: basic ground beef patties, butter, lettuce
snack: pork skins with cheddar cheese w/ hot sauce
(I get so scared when I am eating) but I feel thinner and It's not sitting in my stomach like a rock like pizza.  I def. feel the greasiness in my mouth which is a bit unnerving.  I wish I wasn't so scared.  My cholesterol is already high (high carb diet) and I know my doctor would kill me if he saw what I just ate.  Going to bike 2 hours tonight to make myself feel better

Exercises / Re: Does anyone else have shoulder pain
« on: August 17, 2011, 02:31:45 PM »
thanks for the advise. I'll set up a doctors appointment.  No insurance so I try to minimize appointments.  Hopefully it's not something too serious.

Exercises / Does anyone else have shoulder pain
« on: August 16, 2011, 05:12:47 PM »
Have been biking, walking and some swimming.  Just can't do any upper body work with this damn shoulder.  I injured it doing simple pushups 3 months ago.  seems to do better, then I seem to re-injure it when I work out again...any advise?

Down from waist 36 to 33? Neck and face fat gone.  4-5x per week 2 hours biking climbing walking. Amazing energy! I feel like Superman! 

I want to lose the remaining fat in my mid section and underneath are armpits and in crotch area.

How do I get over my fear of FATS... I am SO scared of eating them.


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